Signal Space GPSJD-100 jammer detector

Monday, 01 May, 2017 | Supplied by: Signal Space


The GPSJD-100 from Signal Space is a low-cost, portable and easy-to-use unit that allows jamming and interference to the GPS signal to be identified and located. GPS jammers work by transmitting radio noise around the GPS L1 signal at 1575.42 MHz. As the GPS signal is extremely weak, not much jammer power is required to completely swamp the legitimate signal in noise and render the GPS receiver inoperable.

Apart from the obvious problem of interference to employer equipment, GPS jammers interfere with critical services that rely on GPS, for example, navigation, network timing and network synchronisation. Motivation for jammer use is typically evasion of tracking by an employer or unauthorised use of a vehicle, while unintentional interference is usually caused by malfunctioning or poorly designed equipment.

The GPSJD-100 incorporates an antenna, low noise amplifier and receiver into a single unit which is much more cost effective than comparable solutions. The wide spectrum display enables unintentional interference to be isolated from deliberate jamming, while the directional antenna and sensitive receiver allow interference to be identified and located from large distances.

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