2023–24 Thought Leaders: Michael Capocchi

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Thursday, 23 November, 2023

2023–24 Thought Leaders: Michael Capocchi

What opportunities do you predict for the growth of your industry in 2024?

The growth of remote workers and increased reliance on satellite products for businesses has been a noticeable trend, and it’s likely to continue growing. The COVID-19 pandemic significantly accelerated this trend but even as the pandemic subsides, this shift has driven the demand for reliable and robust communication solutions. This includes mobile satellite communications to support remote workers in various locations, including areas with limited terrestrial infrastructure and especially in remote areas where traditional mobile networks have poor service or are unavailable.

Businesses are increasingly relying on satellite products and services due to their ability to provide reliable and global connectivity. Satellite communication is essential for various sectors, including agriculture, maritime, energy, emergency services, transportation and more. It enables businesses to stay connected, monitor operations, gather data and make informed decisions regardless of their geographical location.

What is your company doing to make critical communication accessible and affordable in the current economy?

The increasing demand for global, reliable connectivity in remote areas presents a significant opportunity for the mobile satellite industry. Remote workers require seamless communication and data transfer capabilities, making satellite solutions essential.

Beam Communications (ASX:BCC), a proud Australian listed company and a world leader in mobile satellite technology, plays a crucial role in providing innovative satellite products to meet the growing demands of businesses for reliable and global communication solutions for the mobile satellite industry. Beam have developed robust terminals and modems that connect to a satellite network that can facilitate the connectivity required to enable real-time monitoring, data collection and automation.

Satellite technology is crucial for disaster recovery and emergency communication, providing a resilient and immediate communication channel in the event of natural disasters, emergencies or crisis situations when cellular towers are down. The portability and ease of use of our portable satellite products such as the Iridium GO!, Iridium GO! exec and ZOLEO Global Satellite Communicator can provide that connection even when mobile signal is lost. Environmental factors do not affect connectivity via Iridium’s satellite network; it is very resilient where other networks may suffer from heavy rain, fog or smoke.

Are there any new or growing sectors that will be particularly reliant on critical communications in 2024 and beyond?

Mobile satellite communications are pivotal for growing sectors such as the Internet of Things (IoT), encompassing agriculture, transportation and logistics, which demands reliable and widespread connectivity for real-time data exchange. In remote environments, mining, natural resources, and offshore energy and utilities industries depend on satellite technology for essential communication, safety and operational monitoring. Furthermore, emergency response, maritime and shipping, as well as remote health care, heavily rely on mobile satellite communications for effective coordination, safety and healthcare provision in underserved areas. These sectors continue to hinge on satellite technology for critical and reliable communication needs.

These sectors, among others, will likely continue to rely on mobile satellite communications for critical and reliable communication needs.

What are the biggest challenges or threats facing your industry in 2024?

The mobile satellite industry faces two primary challenges. First, traditional mobile networks are advancing, potentially encroaching on satellite territory by offering high-speed, low-latency communication through 5G technologies. Second, cost-efficiency remains a hurdle, limiting widespread adoption due to historically high expenses associated with satellite technology. Innovations in manufacturing and operational efficiency are imperative to address this barrier. Striking a balance and ensuring interference-free operations will be key for us to sustain relevance and effectiveness of developing new products and services in the ever-evolving mobile satellite communication technology landscape.

Michael Capocchi, with 25+ years in the ICT industry and key roles in senior management, is based in Chicago, strategically close to major satellite communication hubs in the USA and UK/Europe. As the Managing Director of Beam Communications Holdings Limited since 2008, he oversees operations and has been integral to the Group’s growth. Before this, he held pivotal positions at Iridium Satellite LLC, Pacific Internet and Optus Communications. Additionally, Michael has been a Director at Zoleo Inc. since its inception in August 2018, contributing significantly to the joint venture’s success.

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