Comms industry forecasts: report rundowns

Friday, 29 April, 2016

Comms industry forecasts: report rundowns

There’s been a spate of comms industry forecast reports issued lately so we thought we’d provide a quick rundown on what they’re all about.

1. Software defined radio (SDR) market: Global industry analysis and opportunity assessment, 2014–20

Although the concept of software defined radio (SDR) is not new, this market has undergone many changes in terms of technology and uses. SDR optimises the tactical information system as embedded software used in SDR helps in the dynamic selection of the communication channel. The number of digital service users is increasing, and the demand for SDRs is expected to rise owing to efficiency and cost-effectiveness offered by them. Military modernisation programs being carried out by countries such as South Korea, India, Germany, Japan and the US are major driving forces for the SDR market. For more info, click here.

2. Antenna, transducer and radome market: Global industry analysis and forecast, 2016–24

Antenna, transducer and radome technology has been developed for reliability in radar, sonar and communication systems and is used to monitor a wide range of targets such as aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles, ships and underwater objects. The rise in defence budgets is the key growth driver for this market. Replacement and submarine upgrades offer new opportunities, while the increase in manufacturing of aircraft is anticipated to aid further growth. This report also looks at the key factors restraining the growth of this market including cost and high maintenance requirements. It further covers exhaustive analysis on market segments and dynamics; size and forecasts; trends and challenges; and companies and competition. For more info, click here.

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3. Global dispatch console systems market: Growth, share, opportunities and competitive analysis, 2015–22

Although the dispatch console market has attained maturity, existing dispatch console systems and dispatch operations represent a dynamic environment. The growing need for efficient interoperable communication during mission-critical operations is identified as the major factor driving the dispatch console systems market. The transition from copper-based wired services to Internet Protocol (IP) networks is expected to stir growth in the coming years, while the shift in paradigm from hardware consoles to a licensed software platform is considered another major trend. For more info, click here.

4. In-building wireless market: Global industry analysis and opportunity assessment, 2014–20

The in-building wireless technology market is experiencing tremendous growth owing to technological advancements and easy deployment and access. Growth in this market can be largely attributed to the fact that in-building wireless technology can be found in widespread applications in commercial, hospitals, hospitality, government, industrial, research and institutions and retail sectors. It can also be deployed in new or existing, small to medium and large-scale buildings. For more info, click here.

5. Carrier infrastructure in telecom applications market: Global industry analysis and opportunity assessment, 2014–20

In recent years the telecom market has been affected by tightening carrier budgets, business model evolution by various companies and technology evolution. This report looks at its size and key trends in terms of volume and value. The carrier infrastructure market is undergoing continuous transformation as various emerging trends are transforming the market such as cloud-based services, network virtualisation and integration of existing networks. The spending on services such as 2G and 3G is expected to reduce while spending on the LTE will gradually account for maximum market share. This report also looks at the demand for mobile broadband and its availability, which is considered one of the main reasons for driving the adoption of carrier infrastructure in the telecom application market. For more info, click here.

6. Wi-Fi enabled LTE small cell gateway market: Latest innovations, drivers, restraints, challenges and key events in the industry by 2021

Small cell base stations are expected to play a vital role in expanding the capacity of wireless networks due to increasing mobile data traffic, and mobile operators are increasingly looking forward to this technology in order to meet the rising demands for data, video and application access generated due to smart devices. Rising numbers of wireless carriers or companies are taking an interest in this industry owing to the proliferation of embedded Wi-Fi features in fixed and mobile devices. Growing demand for more advanced handheld devices is expected to create demand for technologies that have high internet speed, which, in turn, is expected to drive the growth of Wi-Fi enabled LTE small cell gateways. For more info, click here.

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7. LTE and 5G market: Global industry analysis and opportunity assessment, 2014–20

With the successful global deployment of 3G in many regions, the next iterations are LTE or 4G and 5G. When it comes to benefits, LTE and 5G technologies have a lot to offer to consumers and businesses, including support of higher data rates, lowered latency or response time of the network, better security with multilevel data encryption, deeper coverage, higher reliability and seamless roaming. Increasing mobile broadband connections, high data consumption in various applications such as video streaming, videoconferencing and by new mobile devices, and efficient use of spectrum are some of the factors that are increasing the adoption of LTE and 5G technologies. This report also looks at the challenges that come with deploying LTE and 5G technologies, including compatible devices, scarcity of spectrum availability and network infrastructure to support high data rates. For more info, click here.

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