Battery powered tracking solutions for affordable asset management

Digital Matter

Tuesday, 01 October, 2019


For businesses in the critical communications space, keeping track of not only where highvalue equipment is, but also how it is treated and maintained is a vital component in reducing overhead costs and optimising operational logistics.

But tracking unpowered equipment, or assets in remote environments can be tricky.

Digital Matter’s range of GPS and IoT devices with industry-leading battery life and reliability can help businesses: track, monitor and recover non-powered assets, manage usage and over-usage times, schedule proactive maintenance alerts, monitor remote and lone workers, and much more.

“From securing both low and high value assets, to reducing fuel costs, optimising routes, ensuring employee accountability and more, the financial and logistical benefits tracking devices offer are endless,” says Stuart German, Digital Matter’s Business Development Director.

While asset tracking isn’t new, understanding which type of device is best suited for your application, and selecting the right connectivity option (Cellular (LTE), RF, Satellite, LPWAN, BLE, and WiFi Sniffing) can be overwhelming. On top of that, investing in technology that doesn’t satisfy all your tracking needs can be a costly oversight.

As a featured speaker at Comms Connect Melbourne this November, Stuart will be discussing asset tracking applications in the comms space, including: what to look for in GPS tracking devices; determining device and platform reliability; how to select the right connectivity option for your use case; and how IoT (Internet of Things) is used in asset management.

With over 20 years of telematics and asset tracking experience, Stuart has owned, franchised, and consulted with companies in a diverse range of industries, implementing cost effective tracking strategies across the globe.

Digital Matter’s range of devices will also be on display at Comms Connect Melbourne, including the next generation Oyster2, a versatile and rugged 4G LTE Cat-M1/Nb-IoT asset tracker with industry-leading battery life: up to seven years of life at once daily updates; one year of life at once hourly updates.

The Oyster2 can be mounted and concealed on just about anything, and is trusted by Kennards Hire for monitoring their high-value hire equipment, tools and supplies.

“The Oyster2 has been ideal for our asset tracking applications,” says Mitch Hirsh, Architecture & Strategy Manager at Kennards Hire.

“The battery life is exceptional, and back-end integration was surprisingly easy.”

Remote device management is a breeze, featuring a built-in battery meter for accurate “remaining battery life” predictions and configurable “adaptive tracking” parameters, which allow the Oyster2 to “sleep” when stationary, substantially extending battery life.

Engineered with ultra-rugged IP67 waterproof and dust resistant nylon glass housing for extreme durability, the compact and concealable device is powered by three user replaceable off-the-shelf AA Lithium batteries, or Lithium Thionyl Chloride (LTC) batteries for tracking in extreme temperatures.

Digital Matter’s newest range of devices also serve as Bluetooth 5.0 Gateways, enabling an affordable solution for tracking both high and low value assets. These robust devices feature concurrent GPS and Bluetooth 5.0 modules, and can be mounted on trailers or wired into vehicles.

Affordable Guppy Bluetooth Tags, or other third-party Bluetooth tags, are then attached to lower-value assets, such as pallets, stocks, and tools, where more robust devices may not be the most cost-effective solution.

One such Bluetooth gateway is the G120, an advanced, wired 4G GPS tracking device featuring multiple inputs and outputs for measuring triggers (SOS Duress Buttons/Pendants, Seatbelt and 4WD Status, Emergency Lights Usage, Door Open / Closed, and more), CANBus for capturing propriety vehicle data, RS232 (which can be used to connect an Iridium Module for tracking in remote environments), and Bluetooth 5.0 for continuous scanning of tagged assets.

Digital Matter’s devices are designed for use on their intuitive tracking platform Telematics Guru, featuring live and historical trip maps, recovery mode, geofence management, proactive maintenance reports and alerts, and more. But if you are already using tracking software or an ERP, their devices also integrate with third-party platforms.

Be sure to catch tracking expert Stuart German at Comms Connect Melbourne this November, or explore Digital Matter’s innovative device range on their website today.

Pictured: Digital Matter's Oyster 2 asset tracker

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