ACMA tests its own ‘world’s best’ claim

Monday, 01 April, 2013

The Australian Communications and Media Authority has released the latest assessment of its performance.

Chris Chapman, Chair and CEO of the Australian Communications and Media Authority, has released the latest assessment of ACMA’s performance.

“Early in my term as Chair of the ACMA, I set an aspirational standard for the organisation: ‘To be, and to be recognised as, the world’s best converged regulator,’” Chapman said. “I deliberately set this audacious goal to stretch the organisation so as to drive it towards world’s best practice. I have been driving the process of assessing how well the organisation is tracking in reaching its strategic intent.”

“This work tracks how well the ACMA is meeting its strategic purpose, which is to make communications and media work (really work) in Australia’s public interest.”

ACMA has chosen to tell its own story, using criteria that are relevant to the organisation and tuned to the specific Australian environment.

In this latest assessment, 37 case studies show where ACMA considers that it is actually meeting or leading world’s best practice. An overall narrative integrates these various case studies and areas of activity, since the standard is seen as one for the whole organisation, not just individual parts.

Feedback on each case study from external peers has been incorporated. As a learning organisation, ACMA is now seeking further feedback and review through its ‘Meeting our standard’ website.

“In my view, the analysis presented here suggests that the ACMA has gone a considerable way towards meeting its standard. However, we made this assessment from a total of 94 areas of activity and so recognise that, as a learning organisation, we still have much more to accomplish and obvious room to improve, and are seeking feedback accordingly,” Chapman said.

ACMA invites any interested party to visit ACMA’s ‘Meeting our standard’ website, and provide feedback on how well they think ACMA is travelling on its path to be, and to be recognised as, the world’s best converged regulator.

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