Emergency comms vital to Gansu earthquake rescue efforts

Caltta Technologies Co., Ltd
Tuesday, 16 January, 2024

Emergency comms vital to Gansu earthquake rescue efforts

On 18 December 2023, an Ms6.2 magnitude earthquake struck in the Chinese province of Gansu, about 5 km from the border with Qinghai in the country’s north-west. At least 151 deaths and 982 injuries were reported, making the disaster China’s deadliest earthquake since the 2014 Ludian quake. Caltta Technologies, a provider of integrated professional PMR communications solutions, found itself playing a pivotal role in supporting relief efforts through its contributions to crucial emergency rescue communications.

In the immediate aftermath of the earthquake, Caltta swiftly mobilised a dedicated emergency support team equipped with cutting-edge communications technology. Upon arrival at the disaster site, the technical support team encountered damaged infrastructure, including water supply, power supply, transportation and communication networks.

Aware that the stability and availability of an emergency communication network is paramount for disaster relief, Caltta’s technical team deployed portable base stations to achieve coverage of blind spots. They also conducted rapid and comprehensive network testing and optimisation to ensure smooth audio/video communications and facilitate efficient command and dispatch for rescue teams and various departments.

Emergency communication plays a critical role during rescue activities, but the Gansu Security Bureau was faced with the challenge of insufficient communication channel capacity in disaster areas. Caltta managed to collaborate with the Security Bureau to swiftly expand the base station’s capacity in a short time.

“Onsite, our team collaborated closely with local public security bureaus and emergency management departments, prioritising the establishment of a robust emergency private network,” a company spokesperson said.

“Concurrently, Caltta’s technical experts maintained round-the-clock remote duty, promptly addressing and resolving network issues reported from the field. This unwavering commitment ensured the seamless operation of the communication network; a critical lifeline during the crisis.”

As frontline rescue efforts persisted in the days following the quake, Caltta remained committed to ongoing operations within the disaster-stricken area. The company’s continued collaboration with local departments is understood to have ensured the seamless operation of emergency communication, providing a vital lifeline during this critical period, while its efforts safeguarding connectivity at the rescue site contributed to the effective coordination of rescue operations and enhanced the overall disaster response capabilities.

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