EKA CyberLock securing roads and traffic control boxes

EKA Cyberlock
Thursday, 02 July, 2020

Recently I noticed a traffic control box in a Sydney motorway tunnel and with cars in front of me and behind me travelling at 80 kilometres per hour. This box is as isolated as a lock on a mountaintop in outback Australia, even though it is in a tunnel directly under central Sydney. I thought to myself, “Who would need to access this box?” Answer: the tunnel owners, contractors, Transport for NSW (formerly RMS) and, I would assume, many others such as Telstra (as I had a perfect mobile signal down there).

Then I thought of the value of the equipment inside. These traffic control boxes house the vital components that not only keep us safe but also help deliver the smooth operations of our major roads, such as security and CCTV equipment, speed and red-light cameras, and traffic light controllers.

So, we have various groups of people, all requiring access to a geographically spread set of boxes that contain sensitive and expensive equipment that is vital to the smooth operation of our road network. This is a security nightmare, normally solved by running a cable to every door as you would in conventional access control.

The solution is a system that delivers all the benefits of access control but requires no cables or wiring. EKA CyberLock is such a solution.

EKA CyberLock is an electromechanical, key centric access control system. Key centric means the smarts of the systems are in the key, which makes it a portable access control solution and, with the CyberLink App, extremely easy to administer. This administration flexibility is why EKA CyberLock is the solution for securing remote sites, especially when network of sites are spread over a large geographical area such as the abovementioned traffic control boxes or even remote mobile phone towers in outback Australia.

  • EKA CyberLock makes a variety of electronic cylinders and padlocks that can be used to secure traffic control cabinets. They are designed to replace the existing mechanical lock cylinders.
  • Access is managed on a centralised database called CyberAudit Web management software.
  • Users are issued with a 100% electronic CyberKey that is loaded with their specific access profile and customised to their exact needs, thereby making various levels of access for different stakeholders simple to design and administer.
  • The battery in the CyberKey also powers the cylinders, meaning the cylinders are truly 100% cable free and require no battery replacement.
  • Lost keys can be managed out of the system, meaning you will never need to rekey again because of a lost key.
  • Every opening, attempted opening or system change is recorded in the audit trail.
  • Users can update their CyberKeys access profile with the CyberLink App on their smartphone.

To find out more about this application go to www.ekacyberlock.com.au or contact us on sales@ekacyberlock.com.au or 1300 722 311.

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