Innovative connectivity for emergency services from Powertec

Powertec Wireless Technology Pty Ltd
Wednesday, 03 November, 2021

Powertec Wireless Technology offers state of the art warning systems such as The Giant Voice Deployable high-power voice and siren system, which is a flexible alternative for temporary warning system installation designed to meet your emergency services requirements even in harsh environments. This Deployable Unit provides a 360° superior coverage.

The GV-DPU is easy to handle and the solid supporting legs make it possible to extend the six metre lockable pneumatic telescopic mast on rough ground. The deployable unit is equipped with 2 x 100 watt solar panels as well as a universal AC charger for recharging the batteries.

This is a flexible solution that allows you to charge your deployable unit whenever it is needed. The deployable unit is equipped with a 25W radio (VHF or UHF) and can be activated remotely from any Giant Voice Control Centre equipment.

The GV-DPU has the option of Visu-Alert: cluster of 6 LED light heads for a complete 360° highly effective warning; Twstl31R: top mounted LED strobe light and GV-Floodlight: upgrade your deployable unit with a cluster of LED floodlights for a combined mobile warning and light tower.

Fire detection systems — Insight FD 3

Combining advanced Electro-Optical (EO) and Infrared (IR) sensors with enhanced smoke detection algorithms and automatic hot spots detection, a new generation of Wildfire Detection System Insight FD 3 is the leading dual solution for early forest fire detection in the world.

Equipped with dual EO/IR sensors and sophisticated algorithm, Insight FD 3 proactively monitors 24/7 and identifies when there is a fire/smoke. Visual and thermal images of the affected area are analysed and displayed on the GIS software platform. Forestry authorities are alerted so they can take immediate action to suppress the fire.

Insight FD 3 features

  • Excellent Accuracy — Pinpoint fire location as small as 6 sq. meters within 8km radius and detect relatively larger fires at greater distances.
  • Fast Detection — Spot over 95% of small fires within 10 minutes of ignition.
  • Large Coverage — Thermal detection: able to detect fires at very early stages up to 8km and larger fires up to 15km; smoke detection: up to 15km.
  • Reliable System — 24/7 monitoring with real-time fire alert and able to work under tough and harsh outdoor environment (e.g. smoke, fog, haze, etc.)
  • Fully Effective Dual EO/IR Solution — Fully automated thermal detection algorithm.
  • Cost Savings — Deployment and maintenance cost reduced due to low weight, low power consumption and modular design of the robot.

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