Inrico delivers convergent comms to Shenzhen Marathon

Wednesday, 31 January, 2024 | Supplied by: Inrico Technologies Co Ltd

Inrico delivers convergent comms to Shenzhen Marathon

Inrico, a provider of innovative communication solutions, was an active participant in the 2023 Shenzhen Marathon, held on 3 December 2023. Following its role in the Shijiazhuang Marathon, Inrico stepped up its involvement by becoming the official supplier for the December event.

As the race’s exclusive communications provider, Inrico deployed its flagship dual-mode radio, the IRC380, alongside a collaborative effort with strategic partner iConvNet. This partnership aimed to deliver professional convergent communication solutions and empower professionals from different organisations to ensure a safe and smooth event for nearly 20,000 participants.

The sheer scale of the Shenzhen Marathon necessitated a reliable and efficient communication system, prompting Inrico to conduct extensive research on the specific communication requirements for different scenarios throughout the event. The result was a comprehensive communication solution encompassing instant push-to-talk (PTT) calls, cross-department collaboration, and command and dispatch functions.

Having found that equipping all the 3500 staff at the race with a dedicated two-way radio or mobile phone would have been too expensive, Inrico recommended BYOD (bring your own device) and introduced the iConvNet app to provide PTT functionality on both iOS and Android smartphones. This enabled staff and volunteers to communicate seamlessly with their radios and smartphones through the convergent platform.

Different departments, each utilising distinct communication systems such as PoC, DMR and TETRA, were seamlessly connected using convergent IRC380 devices. This allowed for the creation of independent communication groups with flexible and unified command and dispatch capabilities. Built with an SOS button on top of the radio, any critical alarm triggered by the event management team will get rapid support from nearby forces assigned by the dispatcher with zero delay.

In crowded areas, where thousands of people’s smartphones were accessing the same cellular base stations and the network might be congested, the dual-mode IRC380 seamlessly switched to the private two-way radio network, ensuring uninterrupted PTT calls. The AI noise cancellation feature of IRC380 further enhances the clarity during communications, enabling precise and timely exchanges among staff.

The solution was designed to go beyond facilitating communications, integrating versatile CCTV-based applications. The video monitoring system cross-checked runners’ faces at entrance checkpoints with ticket purchase records, issuing alerts for any discrepancies. The monitoring system and drones captured scenes of disputes or conflicts, sending real-time data to the command centre for swift security responses. In case of emergencies, the IRC380’s intelligent PoC radios facilitated video calls, enabling the timely implementation of emergency measures.

Inrico’s event management capabilities, including job tickets and voice and video recording, systematically captured events, providing standardised data support to the operation centre. The data ultimately assisted in incident process reviews and root cause analyses, offering valuable insights for future events.

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