PTToC system enhances firefighter comms in Portugal

Wednesday, 10 April, 2024 | Supplied by: Inrico Technologies Co Ltd

PTToC system enhances firefighter comms in Portugal

Effective communication systems are critical for the safety and efficiency of fire brigades in firefighting and rescue operations. Traditional push-to-talk (PTT) capabilities are no longer deemed sufficient, prompting the need for modern solutions that enhance operational efficiency and safety measures. A Fire Services Communication Centre in Portugal recently found a viable path for migrating to the mission-critical communications system of the future.

The wish list for the new communication system included clear voice messages, interoperability across devices, wide-area coverage, and visualised data management and dispatch capabilities — all features that would bolster fire incident prevention, suppression and disposal efforts. Ultimately, a robust push-to-talk over cellular (PTToC) system was established with Inrico Communications’ T320 smart PoC radios and DR10 gateway, plus relevant mobile apps and dispatch platforms from Inrico’s partner, iConvNet. This advancement empowered the team to excel in incident response and ensure community safety.

In firefighting scenarios characterised by high noise levels and chaos, the T320 radio’s dual-mic noise cancellation technology enables clear voice calls. Its robust 2 W speaker meanwhile provides loud and clear audio, facilitating effective communication even in challenging environments.

Engineered to meet IP65 standards, the rugged radio withstands harsh conditions, minimising maintenance costs. Equipped with dual cameras and high-definition video capture, the radio enhances visibility in smoke-filled and dimly lit environments. Leveraging broadband LTE and Wi-Fi networks, it incorporates multimedia and GPS capabilities, facilitating real-time situational awareness for firefighting commanders.

Addressing communication challenges across diverse areas, the nationwide cellular coverage provided by mobile network operators eliminates the limitations of traditional two-way radio or professional mobile radio (PMR) networks. The DR10 gateway bridges the gap between PTToC and PMR systems, enabling seamless interconnection of heterogeneous systems and centralised management. iConvNet meanwhile utilises AI detection technology to enhance safety measures by detecting firefighting equipment status, monitoring personnel, and triggering alerts in case of emergencies.

Inrico’s PTToC solution has been designed to break down communication barriers between different agencies, enhancing interoperability and coordination during rescue operations. Taking advantage of new-generation technologies and advancements in AI, it significantly improves firefighting communication and coordination, contributing to public safety efforts.

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