Unseenlabs plans new satellite constellation for 2026

Monday, 13 May, 2024

Unseenlabs plans new satellite constellation for 2026

French company Unseenlabs, a pioneer in radio frequency (RF) intelligence from space, has announced that it plans to redefine global surveillance standards with the launch of a new satellite constellation in 2026.

Since 2019, Unseenlabs has operated a cutting-edge satellite constellation specifically designed for maritime surveillance with its fleet of 13 monosatellites (with four additional units slated for launch in 2024). These satellites have been pivotal in providing critical intelligence to combat illegal fishing, piracy and other maritime threats, using the company’s RF fingerprinting ability to enable accurate identification and tracking of vessels.

Building on this success, Unseenlabs is expanding its surveillance capabilities to include terrestrial and space environments in addition to maritime with its upcoming constellation. This new fleet is tailored to monitor a wider range of emissions across all domains, enhancing global security and compliance capabilities.

“The launch of our next-generation satellite constellation marks a pivotal moment in our journey,” said Clément Galic, CEO and co-founder of Unseenlabs. “This expansion into terrestrial and space surveillance embodies our commitment to pioneering comprehensive global monitoring solutions. We are not just extending our reach; we are setting new standards for the industry.”

Unseenlabs’ RF monosatellite technology sets it apart from traditional tri-satellite systems, with an innovative approach that allows a single satellite to perform RF intelligence collections independently. This enables persistent, global coverage and continuous operation under any weather conditions, 24/7.

“Our new constellation will leverage cutting-edge monosatellite technology to deliver unparalleled accuracy and flexibility across multiple domains,” said Jonathan Galic, CTO and co-founder of Unseenlabs. “With this next-generation capability, we will monitor and analyse RF emissions more efficiently than ever, ensuring swift and precise intelligence delivery in near real-time conditions.”

By expanding Unseen Labs’ surveillance reach to include land and space in addition to maritime, the new constellation is designed to meet evolving global security needs, offering better coverage and detection capabilities of many more multidomain targets. On land, the constellation will track crucial emissions from devices such as satphones and jammers, while also enhancing existing maritime surveillance prowess. The company should thus be able to offer impressive surveillance intelligence capabilities, interoperability with other Earth observation systems and rapid delivery of mission-critical intelligence with sub-kilometre accuracy.

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