Peplink and Starlink maximising resilience for critical communication

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Friday, 01 September, 2023

Peplink and Starlink maximising resilience for critical communication

Australia’s emergency and public safety agencies are at the forefront of safeguarding its citizens. But as the demand to respond to incidents and deliver life-saving services more efficiently increases, the need for constant and reliable network connectivity grows.

To date, critical communication systems have relied on connecting multiple and often disparate systems, devices and networks to deliver the resilience required, but many technical and physical challenges remain. They include insufficient bandwidth, unreliable network switching, congestion, and poor network coverage. They have also relied on a push-to-talk model, which will soon be superseded by data-led communication.

The arrival of Peplink’s SpeedFusion technology in Australia represents a landmark moment for critical communication. When combined with Starlink, it paves the way for a new generation of unbreakable networks capable of delivering ultra-fast, reliable connectivity in any environment.

Embracing next-generation connectivity

To ensure communications remain resilient and responsive, agencies must continuously adapt and innovate to ensure seamless communication and coordination. In tandem, they must weigh up which solutions will deliver the best return on investment — now and into the future.

Two key trends are shaping the decision-making matrix in Australia. Firstly, the shift away from voice-led communication towards data-focused communication. And secondly, the affordability and availability of new communication technologies including network bonding and satellite communication.

To deliver the highest levels of redundancy, agencies need to draw on the greatest number of connectivity technologies and networks available at any one time. This includes cellular, wifi and satellite — dynamically drawn on to meet the unique technical and physical challenges of a particular environment or incident.

Historically, the way agencies have worked with technology vendors to maximise redundancy has been to run independent communication systems in parallel. The dilemma this creates is that there often is only a single point of connection per device which does not offer true redundancy. The use of VPNs to secure data also limits the effectiveness of network switching within these systems — impacting reliability especially when moving between network zones.

Today’s shift away from running multiple systems presents agencies with the opportunity to reduce the risks associated with per device connectivity and opens new avenues including the creation of in-vehicle communication — further enhancing at-incident connectivity.

Creating the strongest connections with SpeedFusion

Network bonding, also known as link or WAN bandwidth bonding, directly addresses many of the connectivity challenges faced by agencies — including switching, reliability, privacy and data prioritisation. By combining multiple WAN connections into one data session, it enables the speed of multiple connections to be linked to create the strongest, fastest and most resilient connection available.

Peplink SpeedFusion is the leading bonding technology available in Australia today. It employs the concept of link bonding, which combines multiple WAN connections into a single, highly resilient virtual tunnel. This allows agencies to combine diverse connections, such as cellular networks, satellite links, and wired internet, to create an integrated and redundant network infrastructure. Continuous connectivity is achieved by drawing on the combined strength of networks and links available.

SpeedFusion’s unique Seamless Failover feature ensures that these transitions are smooth and imperceptible. As emergency responders move from one coverage area to another, or as individual WAN connections become unstable, the system dynamically optimises the data flow, at a packet level, between the remaining available WAN to provide the best connection. The system also allows agencies to prioritise different types of data traffic, including time sensitive information over the stabilised pipe without dropping the session.

Recognising that security is paramount when transmitting sensitive data and communications, SpeedFusion also incorporates robust encryption protocols to safeguard all data passing through the network — protecting it from potential cyber threats or unauthorised access.

SpeedFusion’s ability to bond different types of connections also allows agencies to establish remote command and control centers efficiently. With reliable and high-bandwidth connectivity, command personnel can monitor, coordinate and ensure seamless communication between teams.

Peplink with Starlink raising the bar

Recognising its advantages, Peplink SpeedFusion has been adopted by organisations to deliver critical communication around the globe. In the UK, Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue has deployed Peplink routers and access points to integrate satellite and cellular networks within range of emergency response vehicles. The agency has also created a separate wifi network from their command vehicle to provide at-incident connectivity open to other agencies.

Don Mueang Airport in Thailand is utilising Peplink to manage its emergency response program. With no onsite internet or cellular connectivity in key areas including the runway, SpeedFusion has been utilised to deliver connectivity across eight live video feeds and deliver essential training across the facility.

In Australia, the uptake of Peplink SpeedFusion is in its infancy but public safety solution specialists including Hypha are leading the charge. In partnership with M2M Connectivity, the company has delivered a series of solutions to both police and ambulance. They have utilised Peplink routers in combination with Starlink satellite connectivity to deliver multi-layer resilience.

Neil Jamieson, Group CEO at Hypha, says: “It is becoming widely accepted that to solve Australia’s future connectivity challenges, we need to focus on a multi bearer approach with intelligent routing. In a mobile, multi-bearer environment we have to choose carefully what routers we install today if we are to meet our objectives to deliver mobile mission critical data services everywhere. This must include combining LTE and satellite into a single network.”

Ray Barnes, Group CTO at Hypha, says: “After many years using products from other vendors, Peplink has become our default choice for Starlink solutions. Its key differentiator is that it has been designed to work specifically with Starlink and integrates seamlessly with Hypha mesh networks.

“For public safety agencies, the key USP of Peplink is its scalability and ability to mix and match bearers at will. For example, it can be deployed to multiple vehicles across multiple gateways, providing a huge pipe for critical communication and data,” Barnes adds.

Peplink SpeedFusion allows multiple Starlink connections to be combined to create an unbreakable high-speed network. It also allows Starlink to be bonded with multiple LTE and ethernet solutions and provides automatic switching to cellular connections when Starlink gets cut off.

Bolstering capability to save lives

In the high-stakes world of emergency response, reliable network connectivity is crucial. Peplink’s SpeedFusion bonding technology empowers agencies with a comprehensive solution to overcome the challenges of delivering reliable network connections in diverse environments. SpeedFusion equips agencies with the tools they need to respond effectively to emergencies and protect the safety of communities they serve. By leveraging this advanced bonding technology, and combining it with Starlink, agencies can bolster their operational capabilities and provide efficient responses — helping to save lives.

Partnering for success

M2M Connectivity, a Semtech company, is the major distributor of Peplink technology in Australia. They distribute SD-WAN devices with robust wireless capabilities, including the MBX, SDX, EPX as well as the Balance series — designed for organisations of any size. M2M Connectivity also specialise in the implementation of Starlink with Peplink solutions. To supercharge your connectivity, visit

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