Why every first responder should be equipped with a rugged tablet

Zebra Technologies
Friday, 01 October, 2021

Why every first responder should be equipped with a rugged tablet

When public sector agencies supply first responders with advanced mobile devices like rugged 2-in-1 tablets, they are providing greater opportunities for success. The ability to access medical records, maps of buildings, personnel location and real-time video and traffic updates allows first responders to act more swiftly, which could be the difference between life and death.

Rugged tablets, like Zebra’s ET80/ET85 range, help to improve the standard for success in the public sector by giving first responders tools to help those in need. Agencies are noting a positive impact mobile devices are making, with more improvements expected in the next year.

Up to 45% of organisations surveyed in Zebra’s report, ‘The future of field operations: a look at the public safety sector through 2025’, have experienced reduced operating costs from using rugged mobile devices. In 2020, 41% of companies were already using rugged tablets, this is expected to increase to 95% over the next few years.

Zebra offers a purpose-built portfolio of first responder devices in the public safety market. The ET80/ET85 range of rugged 2-in-1 tablets are approved for use on the leading public safety broadband networks, which means they have passed relevant testing to ensure they can stand up to the demanding needs of first responders. This assures responders have the connectivity they need — even in crisis situations.

How does the ET80/ET85 stand out from the competition?

Designed for flexibility: Zebra’s ET80/ET85 2-in-1 rugged tablets are thin and light, yet rugged to the core. They come with a friction hinge keyboard with colour backlighting for laptop replacement and an E-Pen for signatures and handwritten note taking.

Built for mission-critical applications, they meet stringent testing standards, including ​MIL-STD-810H by the United States military, to ensure they are reliable even in the most unforgiving situations and environments that first responders face. They are also certified at IP65 with ports open and feature a fan-less design that will not spread any contaminants.

ET80/ET85 tablets support 5G, 4G networks, as well as Wi-Fi 6E for fast WLAN access. They contain an Intel 11th generation CPU for fast processing, 3 USB ports and an integrated barcode reader for on-the-spot data capture, as well as three antenna passthroughs for strong GPS and wireless signals even in remote areas.

The tablets come with a range of software applications designed to boost productivity. Workforce Connect software offers a push-to-talk feature for instant communication across the workforce, while PowerPrecision+ lets the user monitor the status and health metrics of device batteries to assure full-shift productivity.

The ET80/ET85 shields your organisation with multiple layers of defence and protects against dangerous security threats. The tablets feature a range of customisable security features, which can be adjusted based on company needs; including front-facing cameras for facial recognition login, fingerprint readers for secure login and insertable Common Access Card (CAC) readers to validate credentials.

The units also offer a universal docking solution that lets staff dock and undock in seconds, offering up to nine additional ports for more ways to connect. Staff can choose from a range of accessories including shoulder and hand straps, extendable hard handles and auxiliary batteries with hot-swap capabilities for critical, ongoing use.

Give your first responders a lifeline they can depend on

Rugged tablets are transforming the public sector, by providing first responders with greater visibility and situational awareness in emergencies and allowing them to stay safer in dangerous situations. Zebra’s ET80/ET85 rugged 2-in-1 tablets improve accessibility to real-time navigation and other vital information, allowing first responders to arrive quicker and more safely, make better decisions, and save more lives and property.

They are tailored to work whatever way first responders work best, whether that is with a touchscreen, keyboard or both, enabling them to easily capture information and input data anywhere.

For more information: Zebra ET80/ET85 Rugged 2-In-1 tablets.

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