Wavenis wireless range

Monday, 30 August, 2010 | Supplied by: Clarke & Severn Electronic Solutions

The wireless machine-to-machine world is evolving rapidly, with ever-growing numbers of devices connected with each other in various types of industrial and domestic networks.

Many technologies focus on providing high-speed connections for multimedia, information, and entertainment applications. However there is a growing need for new breeds of smart devices based on wireless sensors that have a very different set of core requirements, such as: multiple-year battery life; connections up to hundreds of metres; deployment in hard-to-reach locations; two-way communication for low data traffic.

Wavenis wireless is designed to offer an optimal compromise of these key features, providing convenience and connectivity for consumers, service operators and integrators.

The technology was created in 2000 by wireless experts to meet the needs of the utility metering industry as well as to provide a wireless standard for other sensor-related sectors with similar cost-performance constraints.

This includes home automation, security, social alarms, smart cities, healthcare, centralised building management, access control, cold-chain monitoring, plus long-range UHF RFID applications for identifying, tracking and locating people and objects.

Using scalable wireless mesh networking, Wavenis-enabled wireless products support mesh network configurations scalable up to any size. Data exchange can be partially or entirely automated, depending on the application. The technology provides the ultra-low-power and long-range connections required by today’s networked devices, including: ultra-low power consumption; long wireless range capability; robustness against physical and electrical interference; openness to WAN and complementary wireless technologies; developer APIs and product development toolkit.

General Wavenis features include: ultra-low-power and long-range wireless sensor network solutions; multiple-year battery life; operates in ISM 433, 868 and 916 MHz bands; ETS300-220/FCC15.247 compliant; fast FHSS, data interleaving, FEC; resistant to physical barriers and electrical interference; point-to-point, point-to-multipoint (broadcast, polling); tree, star and mesh network topologies; self-configuration and dynamic routing algorithm optimised for ULP networks; scaleable wireless mesh network topologies; relaxed synchronisation schemes; designed for reliability, power savings, network coexistence; IP compatibility currently being studied.

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