EMC compliance tools

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A range of analytical tools, manufactured by Langer EMV-Technik GmbH, permits designers to investigate emission and interference phenomena at pin-level. The tools provide E- and H-field signal injection and monitoring, thus making it possible to look at the origins of and susceptibility to interference of dynamic and passive components, and to investigate radiation properties of wiring and circuit tracks.

The investigative tools are mainly in the form of probes, interface to signal generators, burst generators, oscilloscopes, RF voltmeters, etc, and therefore often allow the designer to utilise existing instrumentation to great advantage.

The technology solves the underlying disturbance effect that measuring systems can have on circuits being investigated. This is achieved through the rupturing of galvanic bonds by using optical fibre connection between the probe and the external measuring device. Many of the probes therefore incorporate A/D-E-O circuitry with complementary O/E-D/A conversion devices coupling to oscilloscopes, etc. Interference phenomena are observed through the use of pulse-stretching at the measuring instrument side.

To test immunity at component level, a system incorporating a burst generator with a range of electric and magnetic field injection probes is available. In addition, Langer offers handheld mini-burst generators available in E and H disturbance injection modes, permitting rapid investigation of weak immunity points.

The probes and measuring systems are not only useful in EMC compliance studies but also in interference-free component-level signal measurements and are therefore a useful adjunct to circuit designers.

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