ZTE Dynamic RIS 2.0 product for 5G-A

Wednesday, 28 June, 2023 | Supplied by: ZTE Corporation

ZTE Corporation has unveiled its second-generation Dynamic Cooperative Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface (Dynamic RIS 2.0) product, which aims to further drive the green evolution of 5G-A. Compared to its predecessor, the device features reduced specifications and power consumption, as well as more convenient deployment.

As an emerging technology, reconfigurable intelligent surfaces (RIS) utilise programmable, two-dimensional metamaterials along with phase control components to achieve signal propagation, direction regulation and interference suppression in three-dimensional space. Their primary goal is to establish an intelligent and controllable wireless environment, surpassing the limitations of traditional wireless communication.

Originally, RIS operated as a static surface, enhancing signal coverage at fixed points. However, the coverage provided by a single fixed beam was relatively limited and couldn’t adapt to dynamically distributed users. To address this, ZTE introduced Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface Dynamic Collaboration technology, which is built upon 5G base stations. This technology enables rapid scanning of multiple beams and real-time user tracking. By incorporating key techniques from 6G’s RIS advancements into 5G, it has become a pivotal technology for 5G-A.

In 2022, ZTE unveiled the first-generation Dynamic Cooperative Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface product (RIS 1.0) and completed prototype verification of its Dynamic RIS technology. The verification results demonstrated that the cooperative beamforming technology between base stations and reconfigurable intelligent surfaces not only enhances base station coverage, it also facilitates seamless user connectivity in mobile scenarios. Moreover, the beam can be dynamically adjusted to accommodate diverse deployment scenarios.

The Dynamic RIS 2.0 model offers advancements over its predecessor in terms of wide coverage distance and high user gain. Through the incorporation of new materials and an evolved architecture, products achieve an 80% reduction in power consumption. The integrated design also contributes to a light and aesthetically pleasing appearance. Additionally, Dynamic RIS 2.0 is designed for easy installation and adaptability to diverse environments, making deployment, management and maintenance more streamlined.

The latest version serves the purpose of expanding network coverage in a cost-effective and energy-efficient manner. It also aims to address challenges associated with higher frequency bands, such as millimetre waves, which suffer from high propagation loss and penetration loss. Dynamic RIS 2.0 enables high- and low-frequency co-site and co-coverage, thereby reducing construction and operation costs for high-frequency networks.

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