Empowering first responders through technology investment

Frequentis Australasia
Friday, 22 September, 2023

Empowering first responders through technology investment

First responders are under pressure to react faster and more efficiently to emergencies. To make better and informed decisions they need to be equipped and empowered by advanced information systems for situational awareness. Meeting public expectations is enabled by investment in the Public Safety industry for innovative technology.

Frequentis’ Manuel Hintermayr and Andreas Heschl explain the importance of next generation public safety control room solutions and mission-critical communication systems for protecting the public. They outline what to expect at Comms Connect in Melbourne.

From left: Manuel and Andreas at CCW, Helsinki.

Tell us about Frequentis and your work on mission-critical control rooms?

Manuel: We take immense pride in our commitment to delivering reliable solutions for Public Safety agencies worldwide. As the public becomes more connected and more vigilant, there is a great expectation placed on authorities and the emergency services’ personnel. The digital transformation provides the public instant access to live data. They now expect to have access to accurate information about emergency incidents and be efficiently responded to by the authorities in emergency situations.

Frequentis safety-critical communication and information solutions leverage more than 75 years of cross-industry experience in public safety, civil aviation, defence, maritime and public transportation.

Andreas: Our Public Safety domain has been supplying emergency services organisations with highly reliable, easy-to-use communications and control centre solutions for over two decades and we have been privileged to work on many transformative projects across the world that have helped enhance emergency response, communication, and resource coordination.

What brings you to Comms Connect? Is this the first time you are exhibiting? And what will you be showcasing?

Manuel: Comms Connect Melbourne is the ideal event for us to showcase our critical communication technology in Australia. Frequentis is investing heavily in public safety in the region in order to respond to the ever-increasing demand within the public safety domain.

Personally, I’m very much looking forward to being there. It’s my first time at a Public Safety event in Australia and therefore very excited to get a glimpse of, and compare it to, the rest of the world.

We will be showcasing Frequentis LifeX™, our multimedia communication and collaboration platform, and MissionX, our solution shaping future mission-critical broadband communications.

Multimedia mission-critical data services are essential to support crucial features for emergency response teams, such as situational awareness, position tracking, distribution of images and live video streams.

Andreas: Frequentis LifeX is a future-oriented public safety communication and collaboration platform designed to satisfy all the demands of a next generation control room and its multimedia handling. It provides operators with real-time information about incidents. This platform allows control room operators to access crucial data at a glance, enabling better coordination and a more integrated response amongst emergency responders. The software seamlessly integrates with existing IT infrastructure (on-premises, SaaS, or cloud).

MissionX is an integrated, end-to-end offering based on 3GPP standards. The offering consists of a combination of our LifeX, our MCX servers and Frequentis “OnSite” mobile client for First Responders. With this offering we will demonstrate the possibility of end-to-end, pure standard based mission-critical broadband.

Manuel: For us it is crucial to stick to the global standards to further drive innovation on a global scale and to avoid the vendor lock-in for customers and agencies.

For a clearer image, click here.

What are some of the successful mission-critical projects you’ve deployed globally?

Manuel: We have worked with many emergency service organisations, including United Kingdom (UK) Metropolitan Police, German Hamburg Police and Fire Brigade, the Vietnam Fire Brigade dispatch centre, and Qatar National Command Centre, to name just a few.

In the UK we are also working on the Ambulance Radio Programme aimed at revolutionising Ambulance Service communication across England, Scotland, and Wales. As part of this program, we provide our cutting-edge multimedia communication platform, 3020 LifeX, to 13 Ambulance Trusts. The system has been rolled out to Isle of Wight, Wales, Scotland, and West Midlands so far with nine more Ambulance Trusts rolling out during 2023.

Andreas: Our most recent project award is with West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service (WYFRS), the fourth largest fire and rescue service in the UK, responsible for the safety of over 2.2 million residents over a vast geographical area. Understanding the unique challenges presented by this diverse landscape, we offered a cloud-based mobilising solution that encompasses all communication and incident management requirements.

Manuel: The “System as a Service” approach ensures ongoing support and eliminates concerns associated with 24/7 mission critical IT operations, freeing our customers’ minds to focus on their mission to saves lives, protect and maintain public order.

Our partnership with the Metropolitan Police in UK is another project which is a testament to our expertise in control room solutions. Since 2005, our Integrated Communication Control System (ICCS) has been the backbone of the Met Police critical communication operations. The ICCS handles vital radio transmissions and provides seamless coordination between over 500 working positions in the Met Control Room and Special Operations Room. The system can also be expanded depending on demand, for planned and even unplanned large events. An example of this was the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the 2022 Queen Elizabeth’s Jubilee and her funeral, and the Coronation of King Charles III in May 2023.

Another example of this strong Frequentis world leading technology is the second G7 summit in Bavaria supported by our LifeX control room solution.

This is where our communication systems have the capability to adapt to peak demands.

What about your work with customers here?

Andreas: We are absolutely committed to this region with ever expanding customer footprint and the expansion of our resources. We have provided critical communication solutions to the Australian region for two decades. Our long-term customers include the Airservices Australia, Royal Australian Air Force, Sydney Trains, Airways New Zealand, Canberra Parliament House, just to name a few.

We have worked on the Australian combined civil and military air traffic management system project, OneSKY, providing our voice communication system. We are also providing our LifeX system to the Australian Aviation Rescue Fire Fighting Service (ARFFS), modernising fire and rescue operations across 27 airport control centres, Australia wide.

By improving emergency communication and incident resolution, we aim to reduce response times and ensure the safety of residents, communities, and businesses across Australia.

Manuel: These are just a few examples of how our projects have helped Australia. Our mission is to positively contribute to the improvement of essential services and build strong partnerships that make a positive impact on the Australian population and critical infrastructure. Our technology can significantly contribute to enhancing safety and security across various sectors, which ultimately translates to a safer and more resilient community.

As we continue to grow in this region, we are keen to provide next-generation communication and command centre solutions which are helping Australia stay at the forefront of safety-critical communication technology.

In Brisbane we have a purpose-built integration facility, warehousing, multiple training rooms, and space for the planned growth of regional staff. We have also established offices and teams in Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth, to provide direct support for our customers at their business locations. We employ over 130 staff locally.

You mention next-generation communication and command centre solutions — what makes them next-generation?

Manuel: Our next-generation solutions aim to enhance emergency response capabilities, improve coordination, and streamline critical operations. Through our integration platform, we enable seamless communication between different agencies and stakeholders, ensuring a unified and efficient response to emergencies. Our multimedia communications solution, LifeX, empowers operators to access vital information, including voice, video, and data, on a single platform, leading to better situational awareness and faster decision-making. With our omni-channel capabilities, first responders can communicate through various channels, including radio, voice, and social media, enabling them to receive and disseminate crucial information swiftly. Having these advanced technologies will be a step towards revolutionising emergency services, making Australia’s communities not only safer but also more resilient.

How do we find out more about your solutions?

Andreas: We will be at Comms Connect at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre from 18 to 19 October at booth 18, where we will be happy to explain more about the benefits of our solutions, or you can visit www.frequentis.com/public-safety.

Top image: Airservices Australia, Aviation Rescue Fire Fighting Service.

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