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Friday, 01 November, 2019


Numerous industrial processes give rise to dangerous gases and dusts, necessitating the use of the highest standards of safety equipment.

Flammable gases and combustible dusts are often present in the energy industry, such as in oil and natural gas, as well as in mining, the chemical industry, firefighting, hazardous chemicals management and airports. In these settings, a spark or burst of energy could cause an explosion, requiring the availability of special explosion-proof devices and equipment to guarantee a safe working environment.

Work safety is a core mission of Hytera. From its years of in-depth research, Hytera has developed a series of explosion-proof radios. Its continuous technological innovation has produced the ultimate explosion-proof performance for its products. Its family of explosion-proof radios have received certifications IECEx, ATEX, FM, CSA, CQST, UL913 and TIA-4950 and approvals for use in explosive gases and combustible dusts environments.

Hytera digital explosion-proof radios meet multiple explosion-proof certification levels and are able to satisfy the needs of a variety of customers. These radios have achieved a series of explosion-proof certification levels, from IIB explosion-proof level to IIC (protection in the most explosive gas environment-hydrogen), and from ib explosion-proof level to ia. Explosion-proof equipment certified with an ib level is for use in zone 1; those certified ia are for use in zone 0.

Hytera technological innovation in explosion-proof radios is in line with changing customer needs and has placed Hytera in the forefront of industry development. Currently, Hytera supplies thousands of users in the world with trunking systems and also provides tens of thousands of explosion-proof intercom terminals for the Moscow AO Refinery and Salym Petroleum Development N.V. in Russia, SINEREP Oil and Gas Company in Congo, and Arabian Amines Company in Saudi Arabia.

Hytera launched the world’s first TETRA portable two-way radio with the highest intrinsic safety level, ia, the PT790Ex, which is operable in places that contain ethylene, dimethyl ether, coke over gas, hydrogen, acetylene and carbon disulphide.

In 2016 Hytera launched ia- and IIC-level explosion-proof radio, the portable DMR two-way radio PD79XIS, which is one of the only products with the highest explosion-proof level and show the leading position of Hytera in the aspect of explosion-proof technologies.

Offering safe, reliable communications, the Hytera PD792IS handheld digital radio with screen and full keypad has been designed to comply with the highest ia standards, making this the ideal communication solution for working environments that require advanced, intrinsically-safe devices.

In underground mining it is common to come across methane gas and highly combustible powder. These are hazardous as they can be ignited with small sparks, causing huge explosions. The PD79XIS and PT790Ex are designed with totally encapsulated components within enclosed shields to prevent arcing and the thermally conductive encapsulant further prevents hot spots, allowing safe operations in these highly combustible areas while facilitating communications in underground mines for personnel to perform their operations.

There are many explosive and hazardous environments were ia-rated radios are required, as follows:

Chemical industry. Flammable gases, liquids and solids are converted and processed in many different ways in the chemical industry. These processes may give rise to explosive mixtures.

Landfill tips and civil engineering. Flammable gases may arise in landfill tips. Elaborate technical arrangements are needed to avoid uncontrolled gas emission and possible ignition. Flammable gases from various sources may collect in poorly ventilated tunnels, cellars, etc.

Power generating companies. Lump coal, which is not explosive in mixture with air, may be converted in the conveying, grinding and drying processes into coal dusts capable of forming explosive dust/air mixtures.

Firefighting. As for firefighting, some task-critical situations such as oil spills or natural gas leakage need high-security electrical equipment.

Gas suppliers. Explosive gas/air mixtures may be formed when natural gas is released, e.g. by leakage.

Paint-spraying operations. The overspray generated in paint spray bays and the solvent vapours released may give rise to explosive atmospheres when mixed with air.

Agriculture. Biogas production plants are operated on some farms. Explosive biogas/air mixtures may arise if the gas is released, e.g. by leakage.

Mining. The by-product of coal mining is gas. Following coal extraction, gas will gather underground, which can lead to serious explosions.

Food and feedstuffs industry. Explosive dusts may arise during transport and storage of grain, sugar, etc. If they are exhausted and collected by filtering, explosive atmospheres may arise in the filter.

Pharmaceutical industry. Alcohols are often used as solvents in the production of pharmaceuticals. Agents and auxiliary materials that give rise to dust explosions, such as lactose, may also be used.

Refineries. The hydrocarbons handled in refineries are all flammable and, depending on their flash point, may give rise to explosive atmospheres even at ambient temperatures. The area around oil processing plant is generally regarded as a place where explosive atmospheres may occur.

Recycling operations. Processing of waste for recycling can give rise to explosion hazards, e.g. from cans or other containers of flammable gases and/or liquids that have not been completely emptied, or from paper or plastic dusts.

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