Improving communications in Melbourne with Hytera XPT


A cost-effective, simple solution for events, festivals and large organisations, enhancing the safety and well-being of staff and patrons.

Hytera’s XPT (Extended Pseudo Trunking) system is a cost-effective multi-site digital trunking solution that allows you to increase the capacity of your DMR radio network, by simply upgrading the RD985S repeater. This is becoming increasingly popular with large organisations in ensuring patrons and staff are safe, through clear and effective communication systems. Hytera’s XPT uses the latest digital technology which complements the Hytera two-way radios, to meet the ever-growing communication demands.

Wireless Technology Group, a supplier of two-way radio equipment, was founded in 1980 and operates in different areas of communication. Their enthusiasm for Hytera products has led them to become a direct seller, and Hytera have been working in partnership with them for six years. During this time, radio communications has stimulated their business opportunities and they now supply Hytera radios to multiple large arenas in Melbourne.

The requirement for safety in large arenas has accelerated in recent years, placing extra pressure on facilities management teams. An increasing issue within large establishments is bomb threats. In this instance, large arenas in Melbourne were finding it ever more difficult to find the correct communication systems with the broadcast capabilities that are necessary to resolve the problems efficiently; the conventional communication systems could no longer meet the communication demands of day-to-day work. Working with an individual channel system caused important tasks to be more difficult than necessary, whereby having emergency services on different channels became a complicated disaster.

These popular and iconic Australian venues needed their technology and communication systems to be seamless. With a full understanding of what was required, Wireless Technology Group proposed an XPT communications system, which uses the latest digital technology, enabling users to connect to a larger number of users. This system is the perfect solution when faced with the safety of thousands of people. With Hytera’s XPT, you can send one common message at a time and even private call when needed, so the need for individual channels is eliminated. Irrespective of which channel the radios are on, the broadcast capability is extremely high and the smart XPT has the ability to track the location of the radios. It reduces the amount of panic from a variety of individuals, from voluntary first aiders to paid staff, providing a simple solution for all the necessary people to communicate with one another.

Hytera's XPT product

Hytera’s XPT systems have provided Melbourne with a cost-effective, simple solution for events, festivals and large organisations, enhancing the safety and well-being of staff and patrons. Using XPT for such events has provided greater flexibility to those working with it; they are now able to build a trunking system in a shared channel environment. The strong anti-interference capability, superior audio quality and long communication distance has helped these organisations carry out their work quickly and efficiently, eradicating all issues experienced with the previous conventional communication system and generating confidence in the staff that their business-critical messages are always delivered, instantly.

The improved, and now safer, communication system has received an overwhelming amount of incredible feedback, particularly reducing the amount of panic amongst workers with its trouble-free and simple-to-use functionalities.

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