VE-PG4 — Seamless Solution: Radio + IoT+ Multi-Protocol

Ve pg4

At the recent Comms Connect Melbourne 2018 event, Icom (Australia) showcased a number of new demonstration units that we are working to bring out in the coming months. These ranged from our new mobile LTE unit to dual sim LTE hand held to our Satellite Transceiver.

One of the units on show that attracted a lot of questions and attention was our preview VE-PG4 RoIP (Radio over IP) Gateway unit. Many visitors to our booth asked what the differences were between this and the current VE-PG3 model.

The VE-PG4 is designed to provide a seamless communication solution over IP Gateway Linking Various Radio Systems and Protocols with LTE and IP Networks. This would allow users to interconnect various communications systems without limitations imposed by distance, security or technology.

The VE-PG4 offers a range of features which will include:

  • LTE (4G) and 3G network connection[i]
  • Wireless LAN transceiver controller built-in
  • Telephone interconnection with IP Phone
  • IDAS Conventional and Type-D multi-site trunking connection
  • Analog radio system connection
  • Base station operation with optional microphone
  • Voice recording function to a USB drive1
  • External equipment, sensor connection
  • VPN router function
  • Half-width 1U form design

The VE-PG4 functions as a bridge for radio network audio to an IP protocol (VoIP) and then interconnects this between those various devices on the network.

One of many of the great features of Icom’s VE-PG4 is its ability to integrate digital and analogue devices with SIP and analogue telephone systems as the unit has built in RoIP, SIP gateway, IP router and IP PBX features.

Types of connections through the unit include:

  • SIP Digital telephone Switch
  • IP Phones
  • PA System
  • Analogue radio
  • IP Radio System
  • LTE Transceiver Systems
  • Digital IDAS radio site

Examples of these functions in action are:

  1. Radio Systems — Two radios are connected to each other over an IP network. For example, multiple manufacturing sites could be using our IP100H push to talk over Wi-Fi system to communicate then connecting through the VE-PG4 they could communicate to LTE units used by staff on the road as well as other sites using traditional analogue radios.
  2. Bridge between technologies — The VE-PG4 can act as a bridge between analogue and digital. Allowing users of one system to talk to another system. It also allows a radio user to initiate phone calls to other users across the network who are using different protocols.
  3. Connection to despatcher — A VE-PG4 allows for links between different communications systems. For example, a user could connect a VHF network with a UHF network. Or a marine frequency with an aviation frequency.

The number of probable applications that this unit could offer are limitless. We are aiming to have this product available in the coming months. If you would like to talk to us about your project please feel free to contact us on

[i] A SIM card is required for this function.

[1] A USB is required separately.

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