VHF TETRA Solution Provides Extended Coverage for Mission Critical Users

Thursday, 01 September, 2022

VHF TETRA Solution Provides Extended Coverage for Mission Critical Users

In expansive mining environments, where critical communications are essential both above and below ground, VHF TETRA offers the ideal solution to consolidate multiple networks into one mission critical solution.

Above ground, VHF signals carry further in open spaces, enabling a cost effective but powerful TETRA solution that provides crystal clear audio. Below ground, the greater signal propagation of the VHF frequencies proves ideal, providing complete coverage in dangerous environments where safety is paramount.

VHF TETRA improves coverage in dangerous underground locations, ensuring operations can continue and downtime is minimised.

Murray Wales, Principal Consultant at DXC Technology – Connect, and an experienced integrator of complex communication solutions, highlighted the value of the longer form frequencies: “When running large mines, organisations spread their operations across vast sites, often including ports or railway facilities, and across difficult or hazardous terrain. These could include mountainous and heavily forested areas, with variation between snow topped peaks and tropical vegetation. Torrential rain is a frequent operational hazard, as of course is the huge distance to first aid or maintenance support.

“VHF TETRA offers an ideal solution to these organisations, improving coverage above and below ground and ensuring minimum risk to operations.”

Ben Tabor, Product Manager at Sepura, explained how VHF TETRA radios improve outdoor coverage: “VHF signals carry further in open spaces. Radio waves in lower frequencies have longer wavelengths meaning they travel further distances in open spaces. Because of this, operators can reduce the physical infrastructure required to support the solution, enabling significant savings in equipment and maintenance costs.”

The solution fills a notable gap in the market for quality VHF TETRA radios, complementing the reliability, security, and mission critical protocols of TETRA with the powerful audio processing of the SC Series radios, ensuring crystal clear audio in loud, wet or dusty conditions.

Sepura’s VHF solutions use proven TETRA radios to enhance coverage in outdoor and underground environments.


Why implement a VHF TETRA solution?

Extend coverage: Enhance coverage in expansive or remote outdoor environments and complex underground networks

Reduce costs: Save on operational costs with less infrastructure and reduced maintenance costs

Utilise available spectrum: VHF TETRA can be deployed on existing VHF licenses, easing transition to a mission critical capability

Advanced functionality: Benefit from TETRA’s advanced functions, including data sharing, priority and group calls and improved audio quality

Proven solutions: Utilise Sepura’s proven, robust radios and extensive ecosystem of accessories, applications and programming tools

To find out more about Sepura’s VHF solutions, visit www.sepura.com.

Top image credit: iStock.com/Sunshine Seeds

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