Case study: Securing Romania's borders

Sepura PLC

Wednesday, 18 February, 2015

Romania implements AVL and messaging across two TETRA networks

The admission of Romania to the Schengen Agreement, while enabling greater freedom of movement at the country’s borders, has also highlighted the need for superior security measures for Romania and neighbouring countries.

Romania’s Ministry of Internal Affairs (MAI) required state-of-the-art data solutions for mission-critical border control operations. A number of manufacturers specifically developed a variety of integrated applications to be deployed over countrywide TETRA networks. Such applications addressed the needs of border control operatives such as field workers and control room operators, while also fulfilling critical communications requirements on a national scale with the introduction of integrated data applications.

As the Schengen Agreement calls for closer police and judicial cooperation, special attention has been given to the deployment of a countrywide solution that enables information sharing within a variety of law enforcement groups.

The MAI’s requirements were driven by the Integrated Border Security Systems (SISF) Programme, the main objective of which was the deployment of a countrywide integrated solution. Portalify, part of the Sepura Group, was tasked with the delivery of automatic vehicle location (AVL) and messaging solutions applications over two separate TETRA networks across Romania.

Specifically, one requirement was the support of up to 40,000 border control users with the delivery of integrated applications, requiring the implementation of an Inter-System Interface (ISI) to enable data communications across both networks.

Romanian government building

The initial requirements for AVL and messaging functionalities were fulfilled using Portalify’s products and solutions: Locate Server enabled AVL functionality, while Query made possible the integration with command and control and other back office systems.

Locate Server is a scalable standards-based resource location server that is able to obtain location information from a variety of networks and is connected to command and control systems using a standard interface. Locate Server is optimised for efficient operation with low-bandwidth networks.

Query provides mobile workers with quick and easy access to multiple back-end systems, intranets and databases. The combination of very high usability on mobile devices and automatic retrieval of relevant information from multiple data sources improves field force efficiency.

Query was used for the successful delivery of ISI functionality, enabling information access on both countrywide networks. This represented a landmark achievement, the company saying that no other organisation had ever fulfilled this requirement before using TETRA technology on such a large scale, ie, 40,000+ users.

As Query enables integration with multiple back office systems, users are able to retrieve, manage and store multiple user group information. For this reason, it is also possible for multiple MAI agencies to share information, eg, integrated public safety information comprising GPS data, pictures, mission-critical tasks, alerts and other notifications.

The deployment of Portalify’s solutions has already delivered substantial benefits to MAI. These range from improved communications using accurate and seamless end-to-end information flow, to increased efficiency thanks to the rapid delivery of targeted information over multiple networks.

In addition to enhancing security and helping to avoid congestion of radio networks, Portalify’s solution has also delivered other significant benefits including improved information capturing at the borders, effective resources management, planned prevention, accelerated apprehension and emergency response management, and information sharing between border police with other national agencies.

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