NSW Police working with Valen

Valen Power Pty Ltd
Thursday, 16 December, 2021

NSW Police are responsible for multiple Radio Communication systems, including both remote off-grid and mains powered sites across NSW and reached out to Valen in 2016 looking for a better supply of batteries to support their Radio Communication systems.


NSW Police have an extensive network of communication sites containing both mains powered and solar systems. Unfortunately, batteries in both site networks were failing prematurely, costing NSW Police valuable time and money in maintenance. This site downtime meant service restrictions and communications loss.


Valen Partnered with NSW Police and utilised the range of Valen ENDUROGEL Front Terminal batteries across the NSW Police communication sites. The Valen ENDUROGEL Front Terminal’s slimline design allows the battery to be retrofitted into 19-inch racking for a compact and effective battery system. Stringent quality-controlled manufacturing and in-house testing give the Valen ENDUROGEL Front Terminal Battery the ability to deliver a 15-year design life and the Front Terminal battery of choice in mission-critical cyclic applications. The ENDUROGEL battery was especially prevalent in applications where intense cycling or high temperatures were at play.


The Valen ENDUROGEL battery range features a rechargeable, deep cycle, Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) battery. Genuine Gel technology allows this battery range to offer the cyclic benefits of the Valen GEL range. However, the Valen ENDUROGEL battery also outshines the standard gel battery by incorporating both advanced lead plates and the Catalyst. High purity virgin lead plates with 1.6% tin extend the longevity of the Valen ENDUROGEL battery.

The inclusion of the unique Catalyst Life Extender substantially reduces sulphation, thermal runaway, delamination and battery dry out, all major killers of VRLA batteries. Furthermore, the Catalyst can provide a longer and greener life by recombining hydrogen and oxygen ions. This innovative combination makes the Valen ENDUROGEL battery the preferred choice for use in mission-critical cyclic applications, such as radio telecommunication sites, data centres, road signage, rail communications, solar applications, mining and telemetry.

Maintenance-free design minimises technician time spent at site and on battery-related callouts.

Thixotropic gelled electrolyte, genuine gel separators, quality lead plate and the Catalyst Life Extender allow the Valen ENDUROGEL range to offer a 12-year design life for the Mono Bloc and 15 years for the Front Terminal Batteries. The Valen ENDUROGEL range for mission-critical cyclic applications are FAA and IATA Approved safe for air transportation.


Valen saved NSW Police money by providing a battery that Valen could guarantee would exceed performance expectations. The Valen ENDUROGEL saves NSW Police money over the total lifetime cost and reduces technician time on site. By solving this problem for NSW Police, Valen has become the supplier of choice when it comes to battery procurement and support.

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