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Transport for NSW backs tunnel GPS solution

20 August, 2020

Transport for NSW has made a submission to the ACMA to install and trial retransmission points inside tunnels to simulate GPS satellite signals.

AMSA reminds industry of DGPS discontinuation

07 April, 2020

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority has reminded industry and users of the pending withdrawal of its differential global positioning system.

SBAS could help Australian economy locate $6bn over 30 years

14 August, 2019

A new precise satellite positioning system could deliver more than $6 billion to the Australian economy over the next 30 years, a national trial has shown.

Understanding GPS Antenna Alignment Tool errors

24 April, 2019

Use of the right alignment tool can significantly minimise multi-path and RF interference errors when aligning antennas.

Airservices Australia conducts SBAS aviation trial

02 May, 2018

Advanced satellite positioning will have the capacity to guide aircraft to within a few metres, improving safety for all those in the air.

ToooAir PTToC platform Android and iOS phone interface

01 May, 2018

The Android and iOS phone interface to the ToooAir PTToC platform provides phone apps that enable full communication integration.

GPS blackspots eradicated by Cohda system

16 April, 2018

A new vehicle positioning system that eliminates GPS blackspots between high-rise buildings has been released by Cohda Wireless.

Sailing World Cup adopts Fujitsu ICT service

13 October, 2017

A smartphone-based service will be provided by Fujitsu for the Sailing World Cup Series Regatta in Japan this month.

Signal Space GPSJD-100 jammer detector

01 May, 2017

The GPSJD-100 from Signal Space is a low-cost, portable and easy-to-use unit that allows jamming and interference to the GPS signal to be identified and located.

Positioning technology trialled by Geoscience and CRCSI

19 April, 2017

Productivity will be improved for various industries in Australia with a trial of new positioning technology in the resources industry.

GPS technology improved by Raytheon

10 March, 2017

The US Air Force Global Positioning System Next-Generation Operational Control System (GPS OCX) is being updated by Raytheon's use of technology.

Tackling GPS jamming in shipping

27 July, 2016

Researchers are investigating how to prevent ships' GPSs being jammed in cyber attacks that may cause vessels to collide or run aground.

Max-Matics GPS+ mobile combination antennas

30 May, 2013

Step Global’s Max-Matics GPS+ mobile combination antennas are customised for fleet tracking and monitoring applications.

Studying disruption to satellite comms

06 May, 2013

A rocket that will launch high into the ionosphere will help scientists learn more about disruptions to satellite signals.

Rojone digital audio broadcast antenna range

09 October, 2012

Several models of digital audio broadcast (DAB) antennas are available through Rojone which can be used in both fixed and mobile applications.

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