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dPMR 6.25 kHz digital radio is open standard

20 July, 2011 by

For those who have watched the global two-way industry evolve in the last 30 years, it’s obvious that the more user-focused manufacturers have learned a lot from listening to professional business and industry users and their fundamental need for flexible, efficient and cost-effective radio communications.

Now for another look at DMR

20 July, 2011 by David Cox, operations director, Pacific Wireless Communications

The recent DMR discussion has prompted much-welcomed response from the market and from New Zealand in particular stimulating further debate to how applicable will the various executions of DMR be to the Australian market.

A challenge to conventional thought

20 July, 2011 by Ralph Becker*

We are pretty much aware of the shift in telecommunications usage, away from fixed-line telephone to a combination of IP-based and mobile access. The lines between voice and data are becoming less and less clear. Indeed, it makes no sense to discern between voice and data - both are simply payload.

Using the internet to get the message across - Part II

20 July, 2011 by Ralph Becker

Last issue we introduced RoIP as a means to achieving interoperability in and across two-radio networks. Interoperability is more than the integration of different radio formats and RF interfaces.

Banner Engineering SureCross Performance wireless I/O gateways and nodes

07 July, 2011 by

Banner Engineering’s SureCross Performance wireless I/O gateways and nodes now feature a high-power RF design with 1 W transmit power in the 900 MHz ISM band, providing an increased range between devices of up to 10 km.

Service management for enhanced safety networks

19 May, 2011

Interoperability between different agencies has been highlighted as one of the key challenges to improve emergency services’ responses to incidents - ranging from accidents to natural disasters and terrorist attacks. Mark Ward, national business development manager for Airwave Solutions Australia, explains the benefits of taking a ‘service management’ approach to address this challenge.

TETRA network expands in Sweden

09 May, 2011

Sweden’s nationwide TETRA network, RAKEL, is gradually expanding its number of subscribers, as increasing numbers of organisations seek to use its security, data and efficiency.

Future Technology Devices Vinculo development platform

29 April, 2011

Future Technology Devices has available Vinculo, an embedded development platform inspired by the Arduino Duemilanove/Uno.

Bluegiga Bluetooth server

08 February, 2011 by

Bluegiga has released the Access Point 3201 product family that enables reliable and secure Bluetooth wireless connectivity between devices and networks.

Jennic JenNet wireless networking stack

03 February, 2011 by

Jennic has introduced JenNet, a free proprietary wireless networking stack for its range of 32-bit single-chip wireless microcontrollers.

Jennic JenNet wireless networking stack

03 February, 2011

Jennic has introduced JenNet, a free proprietary wireless networking stack for its range of 32-bit single-chip wireless microcontrollers.

How SIP is unifying radio communications

17 January, 2011 by

SIP (session initiated protocol) technology, developed for IP communications, has moved radio communications from being an isolated system to being truly unified with the broader communications infrastructure allowing for communications between digital and analog radio, PBX, mobile phones, computers and more.

Wireless Access Solutions TURBOSoft Professional network management system

27 August, 2010 by

Wireless Access Solutions has released TURBOSoft Professional, a network management system for two-way radios.

Hirschmann WLAN access point BAT54-rail single

25 June, 2010 by

Belden has extended its range of Hirschmann products to include the WLAN access point BAT54-rail single, designed for mounting on a top-hat rail so that it can be used both as access point and access client.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions Dimetra 7.1 software platform

17 June, 2010 by

The Enterprise Mobility Solutions business of Motorola has launched a software platform - Dimetra 7.1 - that addresses some of the ongoing challenges users are facing.

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