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RFI YB6 and YB9 low PIM yagi antennas

02 March, 2020

RFIs YB6 and YB9 PIM series yagi antennas are designed for highly directional, point-to-point communications in the 330–600 MHz band.

ZCG Scalar Y715-RW wideband cellular yagi

01 June, 2017

ZCG Scalar's Y715-RW wideband cellular yagi is designed to work between 698 and 890 MHz.

RFI Wireless YW15-6989 yagi antenna

01 December, 2016

The RFI Wireless YW15-6989 yagi antenna offers wideband for 4GX and Next G (3G) services operating in the 700 and 850 bands.

ZCG Scalar Y415-DD-RSB Yagi antenna

19 August, 2016

The ZCG Scalar Y415-DD-RSB split round boom Yagi antenna is designed and manufactured for optimum performance at UHF 470 and 610 MHz frequencies.

ZCG Scalar LPY698-2700 Log Periodic Yagi

10 May, 2016

The LPY698-2700 from ZCG Scalar is a fully enclosed log-periodic Yagi covering 4Gx, 4G, 3G, GSM and LTE mobile phone networks in the UHF 698–960 and 1710–2700 MHz frequency range.

Y1809-MIMO-2 mast-mount enclosed Yagi

16 September, 2014

ZCG's Y1809-MIMO-2 mast-mount enclosed Yagi is specifically designed and manufactured in Australia for directional transmit and receive within the 4G MIMO frequency range 1710-1880 MHz.

ZCG log periodic Yagi LPY2250 and LPY2250-25 antennas

25 October, 2013

The ZCG log periodic Yagi LPY2250 and LPY2250-25 antennas have been designed and manufactured in Australia to improve cellular reception/transmission and increase signal strength.

MiMOMax loop Yagi antenna

08 March, 2012

MiMOMax has released a high-gain, multiple-element loop Yagi antenna said to enable longer and more reliable paths over challenging terrains and/or longer distances.

Powertec Telecommunications wideband antenna range

07 February, 2012

The range of wideband antennas from Powertec Telecommunications is suitable on all range of 3G frequencies in Australia.

Clarke & Severn PN antenna series

12 December, 2011 by

The PN series antenna is designed for long-distance directional communication among wireless links. The 16 dBi gain and 23° horizontal, 23° vertical directivity are said to be superior to a typical Yagi.

MiMOMax Wireless quad-array loop Yagi antenna

01 March, 2010 by

MiMOMax Wireless has released a quad-array loop Yagi antenna as an alternative to its compact loop Yagi antenna. Like the compact loop, the quad-array can transmit both horizontally and vertically polarised MiMO signals.

CRS Accessories two-way Bluetooth

29 April, 2009

The CRS Bluetooth has been developed specially for two-way radio. It has 10-hour talk time, 10 m range from paired radio, high-impact casing and Kevlar reinforced cable strands. It has connections to all the companyÂ’s earpieces as well as heavy-duty headsets, throat mics and vehicle hands-free applications.

Broadband UHF Yagi antenna

05 June, 2007

The Bridge Networks has released the NHY409-4052 and the NHY415-4052 broadband Yagi antennas for use in the PMR UHF band 400-520 MHz.

Antenna researchers collaborate

10 January, 2007 by Elizabeth Latham, Journalist

Engineers working on antenna research were traditionally in the dark about the research others were doing, effectively wasting resources and slowing down progress. To combat this, the European Network of Excellence has created a way to get researchers acr

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