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Vishay RFCS RF capacitor range

09 June, 2012

Vishay has launched a surface-mount thin film RF capacitor with, what is claimed to be, the highest self-resonance frequency, ranging from 8.5 to upwards of 20 GHz, depending on capacitance. This RFCS series replaces the previous generation HPC product range.

Ceramic capacitors

29 April, 2009 by

Kemet has expanded its surface-mount, multilayer ceramic capacitor portfolio in C0G dielectric with over 80 part types.

Electronic capacitor

28 November, 2005

Tenrod has introduced Sanyo's Oscon capacitors which unlike aluminium electrolytic capacitors use a highly conductive organic semiconductor as the electrolyte.

Metal film capacitors

13 January, 2005

Metallised polypropylene film capacitors are at no risks from leakage. The cases are metallic, the covers are in self-extinguishing plastic (Class V2 to UL-94 standards) and an edging of the case on the cover seals the capacitor, ensuring airtight closure.

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