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Compact chips advance timing for comms, navigation and more

27 March, 2024

Researchers have taken what was once a tabletop-size system and shrunken much of it into a compact chip, about the same size as a digital camera memory card.

Modular inverters increase control and availability for mission-critical power systems

04 July, 2023

Modular DC-AC inverter systems with advanced power electronics and microprocessor technology provide scalability and fault-tolerance for mission-critical AC power systems.

Teledyne e2v EV10AS940 10-bit broadband data converter

19 December, 2022

The single-channel sampler will be of use to microwave radio link engineers, making it possible to conceive of simple radio designs where frequency planning is entirely abstracted to the digital domain.

Analog Devices MAX77540 step-down buck converter

08 February, 2022

Reduces space in multi-cell battery applications.

Nova Electric GRSLPFC4.5K3/4-440(3)-115(3) frequency converter

21 October, 2019

Nova Electric's GRSLPFC4.5K3/4-440(3)-115(3) solid-state frequency converter systems are designed for use in high shock, vibration and EMI environments.

CRS Accessories CRS-DC2412-10 voltage converter

28 August, 2014

CRS Accessories has released a waterproof, compact, 24-12 V, 10 A converter suitable for use in trucks, buses or any 24 V application where there is a need to reduce the voltage to drive radios, mobile phone kits or any auxiliary devices at 12 V.

ProSoft Technology Ethernet to Belden 9463 Blue Hose Industrial Media Converter

19 March, 2014

The ProSoft Technology Ethernet to Belden 9463 Blue Hose Industrial Media Converter helps companies upgrade their Allen-Bradley Remote I/O systems with minimal downtime. Once the industrial media converters are installed, companies will be able to run Remote I/O and EtherNet/IP data simultaneously on existing blue hose cable.

C4i radio interface unit

07 December, 2011 by

The radio interface unit (RIU) is one of the SwitchplusIP core building blocks and provides a seamless interface between radios and telephony assets using open standards VoIP technology.

Bluegiga WT32 Bluetooth audio module

08 March, 2011 by

APT has announced a licensing partner agreement with Bluegiga Technologies. Bluegiga will offer APT’s low-latency apt-X audio codec technology to maximise the streaming stereo performance of the its WT32 Bluetooth audio module across a range of OEM applications, including high-end Bluetooth A2DP stereo headsets, wireless speaker systems and iPod speaker-dock wireless adapters, and the latest Bluetooth-enabled portable media players and music phones.

Kenwood multi-pin K2/K1 adapter

22 September, 2010 by

The Kenwood multi-pin K2/K1 adapter will accept the Kenwood 2-pin (K1) accessories.

RF Micro Devices 10.0 - 16.0 GHz GaAs pHEMT I/Q converters

25 June, 2010 by

RF Micro Devices has released a portfolio of 10.0 - 16.0 GHz GaAs pHEMT I/Q converters, the first in a series of microwave radio front ends to be launched by RFMD for wireless backhaul applications.

Trio Datacom JS100 ethernet converter

16 October, 2009

Trio Datacom has introduced the JS100 ethernet to serial converter designed to allow communications over point to point and point to multipoint radio channels with remote devices, eg, RTU or PLC, which have ethernet data ports.

Transmit upconverter

06 April, 2009 by

ASD Technology has released the S-band transmit upconverter from Orban Microwave Products.

Frequency doubler

01 April, 2009 by

ASD has announced the frequency doubler MAX2M0714N01U that produces an output of +23 dBm from 13,500 to 14,500 MHz with an input harmonic rejection of -20 dBc typical.

Planar cores

27 May, 2005

Epcos has developed improved planar cores for DC/DC converters based on ferrite materials for power applications.

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