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Cradlepoint COR IBR1700 LTE router

01 July, 2020

The COR IBR1700 LTE router is designed for the requirements of emergency services, mobile command centres, public and private transit and near-shore vessels.

Advantech SmartFlex cellular router

01 July, 2018

The SmartFlex cellular router provides secure internet connectivity for devices and LANs via the cellular networks.

Tropos 6420-XA outdoor mesh router

01 August, 2016

The Tropos 6420-XA outdoor mesh router is designed to deliver high reliability and performance for utilities, oil and gas exploration and production, mining and industrial process control industries.

Siemens Ruggedcom RX1500 layer 3 switch and router

27 November, 2014

The Siemens Ruggedcom RX1500 from CSE-Uniserve is a rugged layer 3 switch and router that enables users to select WAN, serial and ethernet options.

Cassidian BVR700 broadband vehicular router

31 May, 2013

The BVR700 is an all-in-one vehicular router for secure and resilient access to broadband wireless data.

MiMOMax M-RAP routing adaptation protocol suite

17 April, 2012

MiMOMax has released a routing adaptation protocol (M-RAP), an optional suite of protocols that provides automatic dynamic re-routing in the event of a path failure, thereby enabling inherent network redundancy.

Bluegiga Bluetooth WRAP Access Server

31 March, 2011 by

Bluegiga has introduced its C-tick approved Bluetooth WRAP Access Server for Bluetooth networking. WRAP is a wireless router, supporting multiple communication standards including ethernet, Wi-Fi and GSM/GPRS enabling full media-independent TCP/IP connectivity.

D-Link DIR-330 Wireless G NetDefend Broadband VPN router

25 June, 2010 by

The DIR-330 Wireless G NetDefend Broadband VPN router with 4-port switch is an easy-to-deploy wireless routing, switching, virtual private network and firewall solution designed for small business.

VoIP-enabled wireless modem router

17 August, 2009 by

The DVA-G3670 Wireless G VoIP ADSL2+ Modem Router is an all-in-one wireless internet and VoIP phone solution for the small office that combines wireless G networking, ADSL2+ broadband internet connection, dual VoIP phone connections and a USB print server in one unit.

Wireless router

01 April, 2009 by

The DIR-855 is a simultaneous dual band draft 802.11n wireless router designed to enable Wi-Fi networks running multiple devices.

Topological PCB autorouter

10 January, 2006

TopoR is a topological PCB autorouter that is claimed to meet or exceed proficient manual routing quality. Its mathematical algorithms not only reduce the overall design time but also improve the electromagnetic compatibility of the resulting boards.

Wireless bridge/router

30 August, 2004

WaveRider's NCL1170 Bridge/Router enables reliable broadband connections between two or more corporate computer networks, outlying offices and the internet. It offers high level performance in licence exempt wireless connectivity for LAN-to-Internet and LAN-to-LAN applications. Using Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum modulation in the licence exempt 2.4 GHz ISM band, it can be deployed quickly without applying for regulatory approvals, and without incurring any licensing or service charges.

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