Radio Systems

Beamwidth antennas

27 April, 2005 | Supplied by:

Three broadband 90° beamwidth mobile antennas have joined Radio Frequency Systems' optimiser family.

UHF CB GPS handheld

27 April, 2005 | Supplied by:

Using GPS and UHF, the GPS205 enables the user to send, receive and navigate a position to a friend, communicate up to 6 km and provide a level of nationwide protection.

Monitoring and sequencing supply voltages - Part 2

11 April, 2005 by Joe Chong & Jay Scolio, Maxim Integrated Products | Supplied by: Arrow Electronics Australia Pty Ltd

For most electronic systems, monitoring system voltages with a power-on reset (POR) ensures proper initialisation at power-up

PCI digitiser

31 March, 2005 | Supplied by:

Gage Applied Technologies has released a digitiser for the PCI platform. Operating at 200 MS/s (5 ns sampling intervals) with a resolution of 14 bits, the CompuScope 14200 is a general-purpose digitiser aimed at satisfying precision signal capture requirements in various fields of scientific and commercial research, development, as well as manufacturing test applications.

Enhanced battery

31 March, 2005 | Supplied by:

By enhancing the design of the Tait Orca battery contacts, using a modern flexi PCB and high grade cells and plastics, end users now have access to an improved battery for the Orca portable radio.

Broadband system

31 March, 2005 | Supplied by:

WaveRider's LMS4000 is a non-line-of-sight broadband wireless system designed specifically for 900 MHz.

Power supply adapters

23 February, 2005 | Supplied by:

Benbro Electronics has released its range of adapter-style power supplies to complement its existing range.

Contact-less security identification

15 December, 2004 | Supplied by:

The proxSafe Key manager is specially designed to manage not just keys, but other valuable assets as well. This is done by applying contactless reading technology, together with RFID and network technologies.

Wireless LAN antenna range

25 November, 2004 | Supplied by:

Panorama Antennas Australia has released a complete range of wireless LAN antennas for the local market.

Networking reference guides

26 October, 2004 | Supplied by:

Available from Anritsu are three reference publications relating to IP and Next Generation Networking and Wireless Communications.

Waterproof handheld

26 October, 2004 | Supplied by:

The iFinder H2O is a totally waterproof handheld, rugged enough to handle any harsh environment. It comes with sporty styling and a sure-grip rubber welt seal, along with dual processors and a high-res screen.

WLAN antenna catalogue

26 October, 2004 | Supplied by:

RF Industries has released a 16 page shortform catalogue on its antenna range for WLAN and ISM applications.

Long distance wireless networking

27 September, 2004 | Supplied by:

WaveRider's Solectek SkyWay 5101 is a 5.8 GHz frequency band product with rapid data rates for long distance wireless networking. Immunity to common impairments and an extensive bundle of software features combine with data rates up to 72 Mbps to deliver more data capacity per sector than previously. Users can download large data files, high-resolution images, video clips and MP3 files within a matter of seconds. Even streaming multimedia can also be delivered seamlessly.

High gain antenna for 802.11

27 September, 2004 | Supplied by:

RFI has released the CD2410, a slimline antenna supporting the 802.11 standard at 2.4 GHz. The antenna features 10 dBi gain and is supplied with a mounting bracket allowing installation to both a mast and wall.

Wireless backhaul product range

27 September, 2004 | Supplied by:

The airHaul Nexus intelligent wireless backhaul family of LongRange broadband wireless products from smartBridges is designed to provide an alternative to expensive, leased T1/E1 lines and multiple T1 circuits. The backhaul radios provide a solution for near-line-of-sight applications in enterprise point-to-(multi)point wireless wide area networks (WAN) or service provider extensions (full-repeater).

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