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M2M NV08C-Mini PCI-E GNSS receiver

18 February, 2013

The M2M NV08C-Mini PCI-E is a fully integrated GNSS receiver module optimised for Mini PCI Express (Mini-PCIe) based applications. The device is fully compatible with GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, QZSS, Compass (GNSS), and EGNOS, WAAS, MSAS and GAGAN (SBAS) systems.

WiNRADiO RLX-810 network receiver

04 October, 2012

The WiNRADiO RLX-810 network receiver is an integrated turnkey solution to facilitate remote-controlled reception, recording, spectrum sweeping and activity monitoring of the radio spectrum.

Motorola Solutions SL portable radio series

22 February, 2012

Motorola Solutions has released the SL series portable radio as the latest addition to its Mototrbo professional digital communications range.

Sepura handheld STP8X radio for hazardous environments

22 February, 2012

The handheld STP8X radio can be used in potentially explosive gas and dust environments, providing workers with critical communication in hazardous workplaces as varied as petrochemical plants, firegrounds and remote gas pipelines.

Sepura STP8000 hand-portable radio

21 February, 2012

The STP8000 from Sepura is a rugged hand-portable radio designed to be worn on the belt, but flexible enough to be worn elsewhere.

Icom IC-F3033S/F4033S radio series

16 February, 2012

Icom Australia has released the IC-F3033S/F4033S series radios. The units have the features of the IC-F3023S/F4023S series, but have a waterproof construction added for marine environments.

Daniels Electronics P25 simulcast system

15 February, 2012

Daniels Electronics has introduced its latest P25 simulcast solution. Building on the P25 Voter, the solution allows a single P25 signal to be simultaneously broadcast using two or more geographically separated radio transmitters.

imec releases UWB solution for the 6-10 GHz band

05 December, 2011

imec and Holst Centre present a fully chip integrated ultralow-power impulse radio ultra-wideband solution for use in the 6-10 GHz band. The radio delivers high-quality communication for battery-operated mobile and sensing applications and operates fade-resilient and interference-free.

PCTEL scanning receiver

21 July, 2011

The PCTEL scanning receiver performs high-speed Top N Scrambling codes scanning as well as GSM colour code (BSIC) scanning. It is now available for rent from TechRentals. Another function of this compact design is layer 3 BCH/BCCH decoding.

Unitronix PMC-E2202 digital receiver

06 June, 2011

The PMC-E2202 digital receiver PMC is for acquiring high-speed analog signals in radar, software radio and signal intelligence applications.

easy-Radio Advanced wireless modules

03 March, 2011 by

LPRS has introduced the latest generation of its low-power wireless modules, easy-Radio Advanced, that offers simple-to-use, out-of-the-box wireless communication with a number of new features.

CRS Accessories GPS antenna/receiver

02 December, 2010

CRS Accessories has designed a GPS antenna/receiver that will work with any vehicle two-way radio that has GPS functionality built into it. The GPS module used in the vehicle is the SIRFIII.

Icom Australia IC-R6 handheld communications receiver

19 October, 2010 by

An entry-level handheld communications receiver, the IC-R6, supersedes the IC-R5 but adds to its feature set.

Radiometrix KDEC code-hopping receiver

12 October, 2010 by

Radiometrix has released the KDEC code-hopping receiver. Offered with a basic antenna included, it provides the user with a ready to use receiver interface, enabling quick and easy deployment of a secure RF remote control system.

Tracking down interference

22 September, 2010

Responsible for identifying and resolving interferences to signals and radiocommunications services, members of the ACMA’s Field Operations Section spend much of their time on the road and on a mission.

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