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TestAdvance GroupSend multi-transmissions

20 September, 2010 by

GroupSend is an add-on to the standard SoftRadio PC console that enables operators to easily and clearly set up a simultaneous transmission to up to eight remote radios.

TestAdvance RoIP-Site 1x8 single operator site

20 September, 2010 by

RoIP-Site 1x8 provides a basic, single operator RoIP-based radio site. The system consists of one SoftRadio for the operator and one to eight RoIP-radios.

TestAdvance SoftRadio operator console

17 September, 2010 by

SoftRadio is simple and is an easy-to-use RoIP operator console for Windows. It provides radio operators and dispatchers with the ability to access and use up to eight remote RoIP devices and radios from their PC, basically anywhere they have access to an IP network.

TestAdvance PhoneConnect connection

17 September, 2010 by

PhoneConnect is an add-on to the standard SoftRadio PC console. It adds the ability to make calls to the PSTN (POTS) and/or mobile telephone systems directly from the SoftRadio operator console.

TestAdvance CrossPatch cross connector

17 September, 2010 by

CrossPatch is an add-on to the standard SoftRadio PC console. CrossPatch adds the ability to cross-connect remote radios. Up to eight radios can be in the same patch and each operator can make up to four patches at the same time.

TestAdvance SoftRadio 30 soft console

17 September, 2010 by

SoftRadio 30 is an extension of the SoftRadio operator PC-based console. It provides control and access for up to 30 RoIP devices and radios. The soft-console provides controls and information in a clear and uncluttered screen - important when operating radios in a dispatch environment.

TestAdvance StatusLog call recorder

17 September, 2010 by

StatusLog is an add-on to the standard SoftRadio PC console. It enables clients to set up and record a tailored system of status calls for their specific operation. It is currently available for MPT systems and five-tone and TETRA devices are in development.

Simultaneous access for multiple networks

11 June, 2009

Radio IP Software has demonstrated what it claims is a strategic advance in current mobile VPN (virtual private network) technology.

Wireless networks that build themselves

30 April, 2008

Wireless sensors in embedded systems in devices from traffic lights to mobile phones, designed to create wireless communications networks automatically, could benefit a range of areas, including emergency management, security, helping vulnerable people to live independently, traffic control, warehouse management and environmental monitoring.

RF EDA software

05 December, 2007

Agilent has released the Genesys 2007.08 which includes new statistical and electromagnetic analyses that provide accuracy for RF and microwave designs.

Wireless library

05 November, 2007

Agilent has announced a major update to the 3GPP LTE wireless library for use with the company's Advanced Design System EDA software.

Company boosts investment in software technologies for design, simulation

31 July, 2007

Agilent Technologies has announced the expansion of technologies in its Advanced Design System (ADS) and Genesys design platforms to provide a full spectrum of software tools for microwave and RF designers.

Surveying the RF landscape

04 May, 2007 by Mark Leckenby, ICOMMS

I recall in 1979 during my university years my colleague giving a presentation on future advancements in wireless communications; and how distant at that time the thought of a totally wireless society seemed.

Transceiver enhanced

02 April, 2007

AeroComm has enhanced the ZB2430 'ZigBee Your Way' transceiver range to feature output power, receive sensitivity and line-of-sight range (up to 5 km).

Agilent Technologies RF EDA software

02 April, 2007

GENESYS is an integrated electronic design automation (EDA) software from Agilent Technologies for RF and microwave component and subsystem designers needing affordable, professional design tools that focus on the task of the RF designer.

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