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Frequency tracked measurements

11 June, 2005 | Supplied by: Kingdom Pty Ltd

Frequency selective devices such as amplifiers, filters, directional couplers, attenuators and the like are characterised by their performance versus frequency. Measuring these characteristics is performed by various methods, most are frequency swept

Low-resistance testing

27 May, 2005 | Supplied by: http://www.megger.com/

The DLRO200 digital low-resistance ohmmeter is suitable for the wide range of low-resistance testing applications which require test currents of up to 200 A. This instrument, which is one of the lightest in its class, is not only very portable, but also features a robust IP54 (splashproof) case which ensures that it will easily withstand the rigours of use on site.

Digital scope range

27 April, 2005 | Supplied by: http://www.newtekinstruments.com/

Tektronix has released what it claims are the world's fastest, most capable real-time oscilloscopes and a new probe that will facilitate design in the computing, communications and consumer electronics industries based on second-generation serial data standards such as second-generation PCI-Express, SATAIII and double XAUI.

Signal generator

31 March, 2005 | Supplied by: http://www.rohde-schwarz.com/

An option for fading is now available for the vector signal generator R&S SMU200A. Two independent RF fading paths with digital modulation simplify applications such as the performance tests defined in 3GPP. With a time resolution of up to 10 ps, a bandwidth of 80 MHz, and a total of 40 fading paths, the instrument covers a frequency range of 100 kHz to 6 GHz and includes all conventional wireless standards such as GSM, WCDMA, CDMA2000 and WLAN.

Antenna fault testing

23 February, 2005 | Supplied by: http://www.vicom.com.au

Designed to detect antenna and cable faults that transmitter-internal VSWR monitors may not detect, the Bird ACM also provides accurate inline power measurement.

Voltage tester range

13 January, 2005 | Supplied by: http://www.omegapower.com.au/

Duspol is a series of voltage testing devices, which complies with the latest international standards.

MS2781A signal analyser

13 January, 2005 | Supplied by: Anritsu Pty Ltd

Anritsu's Signature (model MS2781A) signal analyser provides the spectrum and signal analysis tools engineers require to design and manufacture advanced RF and microwave communications systems, including WLAN, 3G and 4G.

Low-phase noise frequency synthesisers

15 December, 2004 | Supplied by: http://www.asdtech.com.au/

Wenzel Associates has released low jitter phase noise sources featuring Blue Tops technology for operating and testing new components and systems. Such applications include radar local oscillators, communications systems, phase noise measurement systems and low jitter clocks for testing data converters and other high performance semiconductors. These systems often require a source that provides several frequencies at a time with virtually no spurious content and high quality phase noise.

WLAN and Bluetooth test set

15 December, 2004 | Supplied by: http://www.agilent.com/

Agilent's one-box test set measures both WLAN 802.11a/b/g and Bluetooth modules from a single platform. The N4010A wireless connectivity test set with WLAN option 102/103 combines a fully calibrated vector signal generator and wide bandwidth signal analyser into a single test set, maximising manufacturers' flexibility and eliminating the need to purchase separate WLAN and Bluetooth measurement systems.

Measurement accuracy up to 50 GHz and higher

11 December, 2004 | Supplied by: Rohde & Schwarz (Australia) Pty Ltd

The growing demand for radiocommunications calls for higher frequencies since all lower-range frequencies have already been allocated worldwide

Signalling tester

25 November, 2004 | Supplied by: http://www.anritsu.com/

Anritsu has introduced the MD8470A signalling tester, designed to enable the wireless communications industry to rapidly develop and deploy new services and applications onto next-generation mobile phones. The tester provides a complete 'network simulator on the desk' allowing developers to test new features, services and applications on real handsets in a live environment with the convenience of a desktop test unit.

E5052A signal source analyser

26 October, 2004 | Supplied by: Keysight Technologies Australia Pty Ltd

Agilent has introduced a class of instrument that can evaluate the critical performance characteristics of nearly all types of RF and microwave signal sources. The E5052A signal source analyser (SSA) replaces a large, complex rack of test equipment with a single instrument that speeds measurement times by a factor of 10.

Identifying an interferer by the characteristics of its signal

11 October, 2004 | Supplied by: Anritsu Pty Ltd

In the last of a three-part series on interference in wireless systems, we look at all the different types of potential interfering signals and how to identify them

Passive component analyser

27 September, 2004 | Supplied by: http://www.farnellinone.com.au/

The Atlas LCR passive component analyser from Peak simplifies the testing of passive components.Traditional LCR bridges are inherently complex and very time consuming to use. This analyser does everything automatically, it tells the user the component type in addition to component value data. What's more, it automatically selects the best signal level and frequency for the particular component under test.

Receiver for phase noise analyser

30 June, 2004 | Supplied by: http://www.psi.com.au/

Poseidon Scientific Instruments (PSI) has released the 5 MHz to 1 GHz receiver OR-102A for use with its ODIN-320A phase noise analyser. The receiver enables engineers to perform automated phase noise measurements at low frequencies on quartz crystal and surface acoustic wave (SAW) oscillators. Moreover, the residual noise of amplifiers, or any two port device, can be automatically measured in combination with PSI's upcoming delay line device.

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