SENCITY Link - wireless broadband mmW connection

04 May, 2007 | Supplied by: http://www.hubersuhner.com/

SENCITY LINK operates at a frequency of 60 GHz with a net data rate of 100 Mbps full duplex over a distance of up to 800 m (2600 ft).

Low noise amps

18 October, 2006 | Supplied by: http://www.asdtech.com.au/

Hittite Microwave Corporation has released two GaAs pHEMT MMIC low noise amplifiers which are suitable for mobile/3G base station and repeater applications. The HMC376LP3E and the HMC382LP3E operate from 700 to 1000 MHz and 1700 to 2000 MHz. They require little or no external matching and are footprint/pinout compatible such that a single PC board design can be used to implement either part number.

TETRA base station

04 April, 2006 | Supplied by: Motorola Solutions Australia Pty Ltd

Motorola has launched its next-generation TETRA (terrestrial trunked radio) base stations.

50 GHz downconverter

01 February, 2006 | Supplied by: http://www.rohde-schwarz.com/

Aeroflex has boosted the frequency of the PN9276 microwave downconverter to 50 GHz to enable phase noise testing for higher frequency applications.

Microwave mixers

19 December, 2005 | Supplied by: http://www.asdtech.com.au/

Hittite Microwave has released seven GaAs MMIC I/Q mixers targeted to VSAT, microwave radio, test equipment, sensor and military applications from 6 to 23.6 GHz.

Base station mixer

19 December, 2005 | Supplied by: http://www.arrowaustralia.com/

Maxim has introduced the MAX2031, claimed to be the industry's highest performance, fully integrated, 815 to 1000 MHz SiGe passive mixer.

Wireless revolution is coming down the line

11 December, 2005

A British rail operator is on track to expand its wireless internet service across its entire fleet of trains. The plans will transform every GNER train into a 'mobile office'

Basestation additions

28 November, 2005 | Supplied by: http://www.taitworld.com/

Tait Electronics has launched additions to its TB8100 systems base station family.

Base station power

23 February, 2005 | Supplied by: http://www.innovative-energies.com/

Innovative Energies manufactures two types of radio telephone base station power supplies.

Wi-Fi isolator

25 November, 2004 | Supplied by: http://www.asdtech.com.au/

Renaissance Electronics is offering a low-profile Wi-Fi 802.11a isolator that is designed to fit into a PCMCIA card, or other small footprint applications.

USB Wi-Fi client adapter

26 October, 2004 | Supplied by: http://www.hills.com.au/

The conneX SNAP24b-USB is a wireless access device for Wi-Fi networks. It allows a USB equipped computer to communicate directly with a wireless network at speeds up to 11 Mbps.

Distributed wireless access solution

27 September, 2004 | Supplied by: http://www.sonicwall.com/

The SonicWall Distributed Wireless Solution enables secure, centrally-managed wireless network deployment for businesses of all sizes and eliminates the need for separate, parallel infrastructures to support wired and wireless security and productivity services.

Digital portable repeater

27 September, 2004 | Supplied by: http://www.pwcau.com/

Pacific Wireless Communications has released the RDX3588 Rapid Deployment X-Ponder covering the 403-520 MHz band. Designed specifically for use by Law Enforcement and Emergency Response Agencies worldwide, the ruggedised unit can operate on either P25 digital or analog 12.5/25 kHz channels. Secure users can take advantage of the digital DES-OFB and/or Motorola XL series algorithm capabilities.

VoIP for base station

27 July, 2004 | Supplied by: http://www.westel.com.au/

Westel Wireless Systems has announced the release of voice over internet protocol (VoIP) connectivity as an option for its DRB-25 base station. VoIP connectivity enables the base station to be connected to a standard ethernet LAN or WAN and to be controlled by a remote PC console.

Eyewear-mounted display for mobile PCs

30 June, 2004 | Supplied by: http://www.ndt.com.au/

MicroOptical Corporation has released its SV-6 PC Viewer, the first eyewear-mounted display specifically designed for use with mobile personal computers. The SV-6 is a small, ultra-lightweight and highly ergonomic display that provides head-up, hands-free viewing of information from Tablets, laptops, wearable computers, ruggedised computers or other mobile computing devices with a VGA output.

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