Wavion WBSn beamforming wireless base station range

26 May, 2012 | Supplied by: Madison Group Enterprises Pty Ltd

The Wavion WBSn range of beamforming wireless solutions is said to offer significant performance gains in terms of range, throughput and interference mitigation.

Axell Wireless CSR438 TETRA repeater

16 May, 2012 | Supplied by: Axell Wireless

Enhancements have been made to Axell Wireless’s CSR438 TETRA repeater.

Linking PMR sites is not all about high bandwidths

14 May, 2012 by Dr Kishore Mehrotra | Supplied by: MiMOMax Wireless Ltd

Analog and digital PMR (professional mobile radio) base station sites can be reliably and efficiently linked using narrowband point-to-point wireless networks operating in the UHF band.

Microwaves for WAN networking

10 February, 2012 | Supplied by: http://www.emclarity.com.au/

Microwaves have become part of our everyday life and are in wide use from ovens to message carrying. This article takes a broad look at these useful waves and how they can be used for WAN networking.

New UWB technology for your home, car or flight

05 December, 2011

New UWB technology, being researched in Europe, may be able to transmit data at speeds of up to 1 Gbps and determine the location of a person/object to within 50 cm.

Quatech Airborne APXG-Q5420 industrial wireless access point

30 November, 2011 | Supplied by: Interworld Electronics and Computer Industries

The latest industrial wireless access point from Quatech, the AirborneAPT APXG-Q5420, enables M2M equipment to become the centre of a self-sufficient Wi-Fi network.

Radio installation in Taiwan

25 November, 2011

Daniels Electronics has passed testing to provide digital radio repeaters to Taiwan’s CDCC.

CommScope supplies active antennas to 4G network trial

21 November, 2011

CommScope has supplied active antennas to use in field trial.

UHF network for water utility

04 November, 2011

Aprisa SR point-to-multipoint SCADA radio from 4RF Communications has been selected by Northern Ireland Water.

Unitronix NFS-220 GPS time and frequency standard

31 August, 2011 | Supplied by: Unitronix Pty Ltd

The NFS-220 plus is a low-cost GPS time and frequency standard with a large display that reads time and date. This unit can be used for WI-FI, Wi-Max, satellite communications, telecommunications and military communications.

Netgear WN3000RP Universal Wi-Fi range extender

14 July, 2011 | Supplied by: Netgear Australia

Netgear has launched its Wi-Fi range extender to eliminate radio dead spots.

Agilent N9038A MXE EMI receiver

23 June, 2011 | Supplied by: Keysight Technologies Australia Pty Ltd

The N9038A MXE EMI receiver, designed for laboratories that perform compliance testing of electrical and electronic products, has been released.

First multicast mesh network in Darwin

08 March, 2011

When NT police planned an $8.612 million closed-circuit television system to monitor trouble hotspots in Darwin, it deployed a self-healing wireless network designed by MIMP connecting solutions to manage 109 cameras covering 6 sq km of the city’s streets.

SAF CFIP Marathon microwave radio

03 March, 2011 | Supplied by: SAF Australia Pty Ltd

SAF CFIP Marathon is a wireless point-to-point microwave radio operating in the 1.5 GHz frequency band.

Renesas LTE1800 MHz spectrum test platform

03 March, 2011 | Supplied by: Braemac Pty Ltd

Renesas has shown an end-to-end Long Term Evolution (LTE) demonstration using 1800 MHz spectrum together with Nokia Siemens Networks.

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