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Changing the standard for public transport

28 March, 2011 by John A Graham | Supplied by: Tait Communications

In the November/December issue of Radio Comms Asia Pacific, David Cox, operations director of Pacific Wireless Communications, took issue with the DMR bid to ‘take over the world’ of mobile radio in his article “DMR - is it the road to nowhere?” He argued that Tetra has largely already achieved what DMR is wanting to do so, following on from that argument, this article looks more closely at what the DMR standard is all about.

DMR is very much on track

28 March, 2011

In the November/December issue of RadioComms Asia-Pacific, David Cox, operations manager of Pacific Wireless Communications, took the DMR Association to task for what he described as a “pied piper” march to the “dream of digital utopia” and the new standards that may be adopted. The DMR has responded and this is its reply.

Spectrum trading to improve

25 January, 2011

The ACMA is implementing some measures to remove regulatory barriers to spectrum trading and leasing, and to provide better information to radiocommunications users.

Happen Business Jim2 job tracking, scheduling and accounting software

16 January, 2011 | Supplied by: Happen Business Pty Ltd

Jim2 Business Engine software is an integrated job tracking and accounting business management system for communications applications that reduces administration and keying errors.

Bringing safety to underground mines

22 November, 2010

Traditionally, the basic mobile communication requirements of underground mines have been analog two-way voice radios and low-speed data links. With the tremendous development of open standard data communication products, safety and monitoring systems and protocols for wired and wireless applications, TCP/IP and 802.11 are now the de facto standards. These standards have paved the road for the realisation of the mines’ high-speed communications systems.

ARCIA clarifies 400 MHz issues

22 November, 2010

The ACMA has released details of forthcoming changes to the 400 MHz band following its extensive review. These changes are likely to affect operations of two-way radios, and the Australian Radio Communications Industry Association (ARCIA) has issued a statement that, it says, clarifies some of the points raised by the authority. Headed ‘ACMA changes to radio licences’, the statement goes on:

Spectrum licensing

16 November, 2010

The ACMA has completed licensing for spectrum for mobile telecommunications services at more than 2000 sites throughout regional and remote Australia.

DMR - is it the road to nowhere?

15 November, 2010 by David Cox, operations director, Pacific Wireless Communications | Supplied by: Pacific Wireless Communications Pty Ltd

Just sometimes, the market experts can urge the market to follow an ideal which may just take a few over the cliff of reason.

Fire control at Perth airport

27 September, 2010

C4i has brought into service the ninth of 20 fire control centre SwitchplusIP systems being delivered to Aviation Rescue & Fire Fighting (ARFF) of Airservices Australia.

Wavenis Open Standard Alliance

30 August, 2010 | Supplied by: Clarke & Severn Electronics

The Wavenis Open Standard Alliance is an independent, non-profit, technology standards organisation that was created in 2008 to open and standardise the technology. It is also responsible for managing the Wavenis technology roadmap.

Airborne comms now approved

20 August, 2010

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has finalised radiocommunications licensing arrangements to facilitate mobile communication services on aircraft.

Wired & Wireless mini-PACCS on-site man-down system

17 August, 2010 | Supplied by: Wired & Wireless Solutions International

The mini-PACCS on-site man-down system is designed for people working alone in industrial, healthcare, aged care, security and high-risk facilities.

Australian Satellite Services ReadyConnect emergency response solution

17 August, 2010 | Supplied by: Australian Satellite Communications

Australian Satellite Communications and Cobham SATCOM have launched ReadyConnect, a portable, quick-deploy emergency response solution.

Radio system integrates P25

12 July, 2010

With the installation of Zetron’s series 4000 dispatch system and its series 3300 VoIP call-taking system, the emergency communication centre in Morgan County, West Virginia, is now equipped to deal with current and upcoming changes in public-safety technology.

Wide-ranging topics at TETRA congress

22 June, 2010

TETRA is a radio system that is being widely used around the world in all sorts of applications. An opportunity to talk about these applications and the technology involved, and to display some of the latest equipment, was at the TETRA World Congress in Singapore.

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