Public Safety

Britain sets the benchmark for Australasia

30 March, 2010 by Paul Isaacs, Airwave Solutions Australia**

The primary remit of public safety communications is to provide a safe and secure environment to allow people to go about their daily business. This goal is not something that changes with the country, although the approaches taken and solutions required will differ as the geographical area and population density varies from one market to another.

Fleetcoms upgrading

18 February, 2010

Telstra is upgrading its Fleetcoms trunked network - an MPT 1327 network - and replacing the existing switching infrastructure with new Tait nodes.

First GRN for India is a TETRA system

05 February, 2010

India's first exclusive government radio network will provide quick and secure communications between government agencies such as the police, fire service, hospitals, public works departments and the city corporation during this year of the Commonwealth Games.

US plans 700 MHz demo network

18 January, 2010

The National Institute of Standards and Technology and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration in the US have announced plans to create a demonstration broadband communications network for the nation’s emergency services agencies using a portion of the radiofrequency spectrum freed up by the recent transition of US broadcast television from analog to digital.

Fire control system at Coolangatta

18 January, 2010

C4i has commissioned into service the first of 20 fire control centre switchplus systems being delivered to Aviation Rescue & Fire Fighting of Airservices Australia.

VoIP may solve problems of interoperability - Part 1

02 December, 2009 | Supplied by: Cisco

Lack of interoperability in radio communications is an urgent problem affecting all levels of government and it not only concerns Australia as this article reveals. Although US based, a lot of the problems discussed here also apply to this country.

Telstra upgrades fleetcoms network

02 December, 2009

Telstra will upgrade its national fleetcoms trunked radio network, enhancing the quality and reliability of the service.

Digital trunked network on stream in Melbourne

02 December, 2009

NX Digital 1 has launched its digital UHF trunked mobile network in Melbourne, using Kenwood’s NXDN Common Air Interface.

VoIP may solve problems of interoperability - Part 2

02 December, 2009 | Supplied by: Cisco

In the second part of our article we take a look at an IP-based interoperability solution enables public safety agencies to continue using their existing radio and communications systems while gaining the inherent benefits of IP networks.

The shift to open standards

26 November, 2009 by Ranjan Bhagat, Zetron | Supplied by: Zetron Australasia Pty Ltd

Although radio communications systems have traditionally been standalone, voice-centric platforms, the convergence of voice and data and the need for improved spectrum efficiency are driving a worldwide shift towards feature-rich, integrated voice and data digital radio technologies.

Free EPIRBs saving lives

04 November, 2009 | Supplied by: Benbro Electronics Pty Ltd

A free service providing person locator beacons to bushwalkers in the Blue Mountaints may already have saved a life and assisted the rescue of two other bushwalkers.

New Zealand Police move to a trunked digital solution

02 November, 2009 | Supplied by: Tait Communications

The New Zealand Police (NZP), with more than 10,000 staff countrywide, needed to move from a dated, nationwide conventional analog network to a trunked digital solution.

Boost to Asian supply chain

21 October, 2009

Radio Frequency Systems (RFS) has expanded its partnership with Malaysian distributor C&C Universal Engineering to establish a bonded warehousing facility in Port Klang.

Safety radio sector receives a boost

20 October, 2009

Australia’s public safety communications sector has been boosted with the establishment of emergency and private mobile radio network specialist, Airwave Solutions Australia, that promises network resilience, security, coverage and interoperability for a wide variety of public safety agencies.

TETRA network expanded

19 October, 2009

EADS Defence & Security is extending the TETRA radio network of Stadtwerke München. Around 1000 subscribers use the network, which is being expanded from 15 to a total of 31 TB3 base stations.

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