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Innovative Energies IEICT Distribution Series 2 DC panels

07 November, 2013

Innovative Energies' IEICT Distribution Series 2 panels have in-built TCP/IP for remote monitoring, control and power cycling of individual outputs, plus HTTPS and SNMP support with front fused load output channels with independent configurable load shedding on the outputs.

Weidmuller WL series ethernet radio modems

09 January, 2013

The compact, long-haul WL series of ethernet radio modems is designed to help users build networks quickly and efficiently.

Madison Technologies Moxa MGate 5101-PBM-MN gateway

29 October, 2012

The Moxa MGate 5101-PBM-MN gateway from Madison Technologies provides a communication portal between PROFIBUS devices and Modbus TCP hosts.

Telephus Viper SC data modem

04 October, 2012

The Viper SC is a secure, long-range, serial or IP data modem for SCADA, telemetry and other critical applications.

NEC high capacity trunk microwave systems

03 May, 2012

NEC Corporation has released its trunk microwave communications systems, the 5000iP series, featuring 1.6 times the transmission capacity of existing 5000S systems.

RadioLinx Smart Switch ethernet communication

22 August, 2011 by

Smart Switch intelligent routing technology enables true peer-to-peer wireless ethernet communication. When coupled with the Industrial frequency hopping ethernet’s 1.1 Mbps data rate capabilities, the Smart Switch radios provide for many applications.

Trio ER45e compact remote full and half duplex radio

25 June, 2010 by

An ethernet version of the E-series, the ER45e is a compact remote full and half duplex radio. It is a professional range designed to provide system solutions for wireless data communications in a variety of industries and applications.

Ethernet delivery

26 May, 2010

Two radio links - one to a mine and the other to a construction site - have allowed broadband communications where there was practically no coverage before.

Banner Engineering SureCross DXER9 ethernet data radio

03 May, 2010 by

Banner Engineering’s SureCross DXER9 ethernet data radio is an industrial-grade, long-range 900 MHz radio used to create point-to-multipoint configurations of wireless ethernet networks with up to 16 subscriber units. The DXER9 is designed for industrial applications and will perform reliably in applications that are too noisy or too far away for standard Wi-Fi-based systems.

Daniels Electronics digital universal interface card

13 April, 2010 by

Daniels Electronics has developed, with Catalyst Communications Technologies, a second-generation IP digital interface between the two companies‘ products that provides new features for users including the P25 unit ID, P25 emergency indicator and satellite connectivity.

Wireless RF-over-ethernet

17 August, 2009 by

RFS (Radio Frequency Systems) has unveiled ClearFill Star, claimed to be the world’s first fully digital RF-over-ethernet wireless indoor cellular coverage system.

Ethernet interface

17 August, 2009 by

Daniels Electronics and Zetron have jointly developed a P25 digital ethernet interface between their products, enabling direct digital connection from the Daniels P25 digital radio to the Zetron Acom advanced communication console system in accordance with the TIA P25 fixed station interface (FSI) standard.

Ethernet wireless

22 June, 2009 by

Exicom has released the EX8610 and EX8620 radios, ethernet-based transport systems designed to meet the requirements of industrial and telco applications, providing ethernet plus 4E1 PDH services.

Wireless Pacific P25 low-cost ethernet

03 July, 2008

Wireless Pacific has enhanced its P25 repeater range to incorporate IP addressing, allowing low-cost ethernet networking for end-to-end P25 digital clear or code transparent operation.

Bluetooth access point

05 November, 2003

Belkin has released its Bluetooth access point with USB print server. It is suitable for small office/home office (SOHO) and mobile road warriors with devices enabled with Bluetooth technology needing to connect to networks as well as printers.

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