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'Next generation' space radar in New Zealand

21 October, 2019

A 'next generation' space radar that can detect objects as small as two centimetres in low Earth orbit has been commissioned in New Zealand.

JORN to get $1.2bn upgrade

06 March, 2018 by Jonathan Nally

BAE Systems Australia has been handed a $1.2 billion contract to upgrade the over-the-horizon Jindalee Operational Radar Network.

Silentium Defence radar tech brought to market

13 September, 2017

Radar technology designed to protect soldiers and manage commercial air traffic will be exported from South Australia.

Invisible radar a boost for defence

26 April, 2017 by Caleb Radford

South Australian start-up Silentium Defence has developed a passive radar that uses pre-existing and non-sensor sources of radiofrequency energy to map out an environment.

Australian RF technology for Joint Strike Missile

12 April, 2017

RF seeker technology made by BAE Systems Australia is being readied for use in the Joint Strike Missile, being developed for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.

Full operational capability for space surveillance radar

10 March, 2017

Australia's space surveillance radar has now reached full operational capacity.

Radar prototype tracks orbiting objects

19 March, 2012

A prototype of a radar system is now tracking orbiting space objects.

Ground radar looks deeper

06 July, 2009

An Australian company named Midnight Opals has trialled a new generation of ground penetrating radar that promises good results.

Portable mine detector system developed

04 April, 2008

The Sundance SMT365 DSP module is being used to help develop portable humanitarian mine detector (PHMD) technology. The PHMD system uses a pulse induction metal detector combined with a ground-penetrating radar array to discriminate between minimum metal antipersonnel mines and small metal clutter.

Anti-landmine radar

20 September, 2007

A radar system that might one day see through solid earth and could be used to clear conflict zones of landmines, is being developed by researchers in The Netherlands.

500 W fishfinder

04 July, 2007

Garmin has released the Fishfinder 400C. This colour unit with a 4" QVGA colour display is driven by a 500 W RMS dual frequency dual beam sonar to depths of 460 m.

Agilent Aerospace Defence Seminars

01 May, 2006

Agilent Technologies is hosting an Aerospace and Defence Symposium in Canberra and Adelaide (10 & 12 May) focused on modern measurement techniques for testing advanced military communications and radars.

New radar captures tornado

11 April, 2006

Only a week after their custom-built mobile weather radar had been finished and newly deployed out at the University of Auckland's Ardmore field site, a tornado whirled through

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