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Guerrilla RF GRF2133 ultrahigh-gain, low-noise amplifier

04 October, 2023

Guerrilla RF has released its GRF2133 low-noise amplifier — a broadband linear gain block featuring ultrahigh gain and sub-0.85 dB noise for small cell, cellular booster, wireless infrastructure and other high-performance applications.

Advancements in amplifiers allow military radios to reach further

27 September, 2023

Before the First World War, military forces attached radio antennas to kites to send them to the heights needed to get a signal and successfully transmit messages.

NXP Semiconductors Airfast power amplifier modules for 5G radios

22 September, 2023

The family of top-side cooled RF amplifier modules features a packaging innovation designed to enable smaller, thinner and lighter radio units, supporting faster and easier deployment of 5G base stations.

Infineon Technologies MA2304xN MERUS multilevel switching amplifiers

21 April, 2023

The MA2304xN MERUS multilevel switching amplifiers, from Infineon Technologies, provide engineers with good power efficiency at both low and high output power for wireless and Bluetooth speakers, soundbars, and battery-powered designs for conference and multichannel room audio systems.

Empower RF Systems 1222 X-band pulsed module

21 April, 2023

The 1222, from Empower RF Systems, is a 9–10 GHz pulsed amplifier that can deliver up to 250 W peak output power and related RF performance under all specified temperature and environmental conditions.

Superconducting amplifiers offer high performance at low power

29 March, 2023

Researchers have demonstrated a high-performance cooled amplifier with significantly lower power consumption than that of conventional cooled semiconductor amplifiers.

Qorvo QPA1314T power amplifier

24 March, 2023

The power amplifier features an extended frequency range of 12.75 to 15.35 GHz and achieves 55 W of saturated output power in its standard range of 13.75 to 14.5 GHz.

Wolfspeed CMPA5259050S and CMPA5259080S GaN MMIC power amplifiers

13 February, 2023

Wolfspeed's 50 W CMPA5259050S and 80 W CMPA5259080S are 5–5.9 GHz GaN MMIC power amplifiers featuring a two-stage reactively matched amplifier design approach.

Texas Instruments BUF802 buffering operational amplifier

21 December, 2022

Texas Instruments' BUF802 buffering operational amplifier is designed to increase signal bandwidth in data acquisition systems.

LG demonstrates 6G THz data transmission

25 October, 2022

LG has successfully tested 6G terahertz (THz) data transmission and reception over a distance of 320 metres in an outdoor environment in Berlin, Germany.

ETSI launches reconfigurable intelligent surfaces

20 October, 2021

Improving network performance with cost-effective, low-power and sustainable technology for future wireless systems.

Drone specialist patents radio tech

01 November, 2016 by Jonathan Nally

Department 13 has been awarded a patent for power-efficient radio technology that it claims lowers the cost of components while improving signal quality.

Analog Devices 1/2 W RF driver amplifier

14 December, 2012

Richardson has released a 1/2 W RF driver amplifier from Analog Devices.

ENI 604L 4W wideband 1 GHz RF amplifier

31 October, 2012

Available to rent, the ENI 604L 4 W wideband 1 GHz RF amplifier is a linear wideband RF power amplifier.

Polyfet TB221 demonstration RF amplifier

31 July, 2012

Polyfet has released its demonstration RF amplifier, the TB221.

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