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Serial bus triggering, hardware-based decoding

05 March, 2008

Agilent Technologies has introduced serial bus triggering and real-time decode support for its 5000 Series oscilloscopes.

Handheld meters and 'scopes

05 November, 2007

Agilent has introduced a series of handheld digital multimeters and handheld oscilloscopes.

Portable oscilloscopes

03 August, 2007

Agilent has introduced six oscilloscopes that are claimed to break the paradigm of portable instrumentation.

PCI oscilloscopes

03 August, 2007

The PCI-5152 general-purpose digitiser converts a desktop PC into a full-featured oscilloscope and offers a 2 GS/s real-time sampling rate on one channel or a 1 GS/s real-time sampling rate on two simultaneous channels.


02 April, 2007

The Owon HDS1022M and HDS2062M two-channel, digital oscilloscope/multimeters are designed for field use including power applications permitting a maximum voltage of 400 V peak.

Digital oscilloscopes

02 November, 2006

LeCroy has launched the WaveRunner Xi series of digital oscilloscopes.

Digital storage 'scopes

18 October, 2006

The Kenwood Texio DCS 9500 two-channel, digital storage oscilloscopes series has been released with analog bandwidths of 60, 100, 150 and 250 MHz and each instrument has a 100 MS/s sampling rate with 8 bit vertical resolution.

Multi-function instrument

03 July, 2006

The ELAB-080 is a USB-based multifunction instrument that includes a digital storage oscilloscope, logic analyser, arbitrary waveform generator, dual power supply and dual clock generator.

GHz digital scope

10 January, 2006

Yokogawa Australia has released the DL9000 compact digital oscilloscope, capable of a maximum sampling rate of 10 gigasamples per second at bandwidths of 1-1.5 GHz.

Kenwood PCS-3200 portable oscilloscope

19 December, 2005

The Kenwood PCS-3200 is a portable oscilloscope which plugs into a PC via a USB port supporting data transfer rates of 12 Mbps.

25 MHz oscilloscope

28 November, 2005

Scientech Technologies has introduced two oscilloscopes - Caddo 802 and Caddo 803. These microcontroller-based models provide freedom from mechanical switching and give the feel of smooth digital touch. Caddo 802 is a 20 MHz dual trace model while Caddo 803 gives 25 MHz two channel four trace.

Digital scope range

27 April, 2005

Tektronix has released what it claims are the world's fastest, most capable real-time oscilloscopes and a new probe that will facilitate design in the computing, communications and consumer electronics industries based on second-generation serial data standards such as second-generation PCI-Express, SATAIII and double XAUI.

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