RF/DC crossover

01 June, 2008 | Supplied by: ASD Technology Pty Ltd

Florida RF labs has released the RF/RF and RF/DC crossover with an integrated 2 W attenuator.

Appointed to global marketing role

14 May, 2008

Radio Frequency Systems has appointed Eric Mariette as vice-president of global marketing and strategy. He is responsible for ensuring that the company’s portfolio of RF solutions is fully visible to the global wireless sector, and that the company’s expanding solution-set meets the demands of the industry.

Wireless networks that build themselves

30 April, 2008

Wireless sensors in embedded systems in devices from traffic lights to mobile phones, designed to create wireless communications networks automatically, could benefit a range of areas, including emergency management, security, helping vulnerable people to live independently, traffic control, warehouse management and environmental monitoring.

Power control unit

07 April, 2008 | Supplied by: ASD Technology Pty Ltd

Miteq Inc has released its uplink power control unit that now includes the UPC-L version.

GE863-PRO3 GSM/GPRS module

07 April, 2008 | Supplied by: Glyn Ltd

Telit has released the GE863-PRO3 GSM/GPS module. The device includes a quad-band GSM/GPRS class 10 engine as well as a dedicated ARM9 application processor (the Atmel standard microcontroller AT91SAM9260) and flash and RAM memories.

Is RF a danger to health? – Part Two

07 April, 2008 by Elizabeth Latham

This is the second part of a multi-part series looking at various RF effects including sperm count, interruption of sleep patterns and brain tumours. Researchers at the Cleveland Clinic in America studied 361 men at their infertility clinic to investigate the effect of mobile phone use on semen quality.

Is RF a danger to health? - Part one

05 March, 2008 by Elizabeth Latham, Journalist

Over the years there have been ongoing concerns, scare stories and many reports on the possible harming effects of RF emissions, particularly in relation to mobile phones

Remote programmer

05 March, 2008 | Supplied by: Amalgamated Instrument Co

Amalgamated Instrument has released a radio remote programmer for its large digit displays. This enhances the flexibility of the display range by allowing both set-up and control without wired connection or the necessity to access the set-up pushbuttons within the display. This ease of set-up presents a real safety advantage.

Commercial modular series

05 March, 2008 | Supplied by: Standard Communications Pty Ltd

The GME Commercial Modular Series offers the end user greater flexibility when choosing a commercial radio.

Moxa NPort W2150 Plus and W2250 Plus wireless device servers

07 February, 2008 | Supplied by: CrispTech Pty Ltd

CrispTech has released the Moxa NPort W2150 Plus and W2250 Plus, claimed to be the first wireless device servers in the world to support IEEE 802.11a/b/g.

Broadband, coaxial solid-state PIN diode switches

06 February, 2008 | Supplied by:

Agilent has introduced a family of coaxial solid-state PIN diode switches with an operating frequency range from 100 MHz up to 18 GHz.

Radio makes cords obsolete

08 January, 2008

New research at the Georgia Institute of Technology could soon make that tangle of wires under desks and in data centres a thing of the past

Crossband coupler

08 January, 2008 | Supplied by: RFI Technology Solutions

RFI has released a crossband coupler for 118-145/225-400 MHz.

RF EDA software

05 December, 2007 | Supplied by:

Agilent has released the Genesys 2007.08 which includes new statistical and electromagnetic analyses that provide accuracy for RF and microwave designs.

Wireless library

05 November, 2007 | Supplied by:

Agilent has announced a major update to the 3GPP LTE wireless library for use with the company's Advanced Design System EDA software.

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