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Communication Support Vehicle donated to Paris Fire Brigade

27 April, 2023

Eutelsat Communications has made a donation to the Paris Fire Brigade, equipping a Communication Support Vehicle with the latest in connectivity infrastructure.

New ETSI standard supports multimedia emergency comms

18 April, 2023

Next-generation core services allow citizens to utilise multimedia emergency communication (voice, photos, video, text) to contact the relevant emergency call centre.

UK ambulance service to trial 'unbreakable' connectivity

13 April, 2023

New technology amalgamates clever software, cutting-edge hardware, and cellular and satellite services into one package that is said to create unbreakable, permanent connectivity.

Radio amateurs respond to Cyclone Gabrielle

02 March, 2023 by Don Robertson ZL2TYR/ZK6EX, CEO

As Cyclone Gabrielle approached the coastline of New Zealand, members of New Zealand's Amateur Radio Emergency Communications (AREC) wasted no time kicking into gear.

Multitone Electronics Appear Crew paging app

15 February, 2023

Multitone Electronics' Appear Crew app provides smartphone paging for emergency services. By bringing paging to smartphones, the app complements the use of radio pagers for callouts and futureproofing emergency services.

Collaboration is key in natural disaster response

01 February, 2023 by David Dennis*

The beauty of cloud-based collaboration is that everyone doesn't have to be on the same system to be on the same page during a crisis.

Hytera GC550 2K Mini Body Camera

24 January, 2023

Hytera Communications' GC550 2K Mini Body Camera, designed with intensive attention to ergonomics, can be used to promote workplace transparency and personnel safety for law enforcement and security.

Emergency services fleet management: ambulance vehicles case study

01 January, 2023

Emergency services need to consider today not only how that connectivity will be delivered, but also how to efficiently incorporate so many new devices into a Wireless WAN infrastructure.

Ghent fire brigade explores broadband communication

02 December, 2022

Airbus has provided its Tactilon Agnet communication and collaboration platform to the fire brigade of Ghent, in Belgium, for use on existing public broadband networks.

SmartSat CRC and NASA collaborate on astronaut emergency comms

23 November, 2022

Similar to distress beacons on Earth, the system will provide miniature low-power radio beacons mounted on space suits and lunar rover vehicles.

Oracle Public Safety Services technology suite

15 November, 2022

The platform provides a unified hardware and software suite that is designed to empower first responders with real-time information and situational awareness to help them make more objective decisions.

NZ's Public Safety Network reaches build phase

14 November, 2022

New Zealand Police Minister Chris Hipkins has confirmed that a new digital communications network for emergency service workers will roll out from next year.

France selects consortium for Réseau Radio du Futur contract

20 October, 2022

A consortium led by Airbus and Capgemini has been selected as the integrator for Lot 2 of France's Réseau Radio du Futur (RRF — radio network of the future).

Hytera SC580 Smart 4G Body Camera

13 October, 2022

The body camera streams videos, audio and photos from the field to the command centre over private LTE networks, cellular networks or WLAN.

The need for high-speed mobile broadband networks for ambulance services

16 September, 2022

Millions of calls to ambulances are made every year in Australia, with each one of those calls triggering a complex systematic response underpinned by mission-critical radio communications.

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