Radio Systems

Smart labels

13 March, 2007 | Supplied by: Tenrod Australia Pty Ltd

Domi HF smart labels now incorporate the Philips ICODE SL2 ICS20 chip with 1 Kb R/W EEPROM for producing RFID tags.

Trunked mobile

13 March, 2007 | Supplied by: Tait Electronics (Aust) Pty Ltd

Tait Electronics has released the latest additions to its TM8000 trunked mobile series with the TM8235 and an enhanced TM8255 dual mode trunked/conventional mobile. The TM8235 is an MPT 1327 radio that simplifies the functionality of the more sophisticated TM8255.

Is RFID safe and secure?

05 February, 2007 by Elizabeth Latham, Journalist

We've heard a lot about RFID - it's used in supermarkets, implanted in pets and even by blood banks - but is it actually secure?

Radiometrix FM transmitter module

10 January, 2007 | Supplied by:

The Radiometrix TX3H-869.5-10 is an 869.50 MHz FM transmitter module with a power output of 500 mW (+27 dBm) that can handle raw data bit rate up to 10 Kbps.

Antenna researchers collaborate

10 January, 2007 by Elizabeth Latham, Journalist

Engineers working on antenna research were traditionally in the dark about the research others were doing, effectively wasting resources and slowing down progress. To combat this, the European Network of Excellence has created a way to get researchers acr

Giant radio telescope may find a home in Australia

01 December, 2006 by Elizabeth Latham, Journalist

Australia has been short-listed as one of two countries to host the Square Kilometre Array (SKA), a giant next-generation radio telescope. The other country on the short list is South Africa. The SKA is being developed by scientists in 17 countries

Public safetymobile

01 December, 2006 | Supplied by:

Tait Electronics has launched the TM8260 mobile radio - a dual band system.

20-channel GPS modules

01 December, 2006 | Supplied by:

Leadtek has released its LR9548S GPS module in a high sensitivity and low power, surface-mount package.

Broadband wireless access up for auction

01 December, 2006 by Elizabeth Latham, Journalist

After unexpectedly high market demand for some apparatus licences, ACMA has decided to auction broadband wireless access licences in the frequency band 1900-1920 MHz in regional and remote areas during the first quarter of 2007

Planar design produces wideband antenna

02 October, 2006 by Georgia Institute of Technology

By taking advantage of a phenomenon that earlier designers had struggled to avoid, engineers at the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) have developed a new approach to phased-array antenna design

Audio paths could bring service together

04 September, 2006

The concept of radio interoperability has gained ground over the past couple of years. Public safety organisations use a variety of disparate communications systems

TagWorks RFID system

04 September, 2006 | Supplied by: NCR Australia Pty Limited

NCR has announced TagWorks, a peel-and-apply RFID product suite designed to provide readily tailored tags to meet RFID compliances.

Public safety system

04 September, 2006 | Supplied by:

Motorola has announced Motomesh, a multi-radio mesh networking broadband system that supports up to four radio networks in a single access point. It can be used for public works, public users and public safety agencies in the Asia-Pacific region under the Public Protection (Safety) and Disaster Relief/Response (PPDR) scheme.

The evolution of mobile networks

01 August, 2006 | Supplied by: Opticom Engineering Pty Ltd

In recent years, mobile operators have been forced to change their technologies when rolling out the latest mobile telephony networks because councils and the public have become much more aware of the intrusion that towers and antennas create

Adaptive antenna

01 August, 2006 | Supplied by:

What is claimed to be one of the world's first 'WiMAX-ready' adaptive antenna systems has been released by Radio Frequency Systems.

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